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Wowzers, it's been a busy week. But finally, after too much food and not enough sleep, here is, as promised, Hair of HFest!

Myself and the fellow nutters that I spent the wee small hours with watching odd and not-so-odd horror, noticed that there was a theme going on with the hair in the movies we saw!

Here are the first batch of hairy pics :D

Firstly from Evil Dead II
How she got that sheer outwards volume of her hair, I'll never know! It is actually larger than her whole neck!

Now a whole host from Friday The 13th
A leafy problem
Some ridiculous stuff going on here! Her hair must actually be set like that, and his chest hair is in a particularly unusual shape. Not to mention his hair, by this point I feel we were becoming slightly hysterical
Mrs Voorhees rocking hairpiled so high it almost doubles the height of her whole head. Birds nest anyone?
An interesting female quiff, from Halloween III. You don't see too many of those about. Possibly done on command of the green witch :/

Best male of of HFest award definitely goes to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

And my personal favourite, introducing a world famous character to the board, our last F13 picture is:

Enjoy! There are a few more, but delirious from lack of sleep as I was, I have slightly misplaced them :p so they will be coming in the next few days!

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Funny stuff

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Good stuff, HQ!

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No round 2 yet?   sad

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Haha, funny artical, HQ! smile

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hahaha you actually did it, bad ass! what about that crazy lady from hellraiser?