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I don't know if any of you watch it and I know it isn't horror but I though I would post about it in the TV thread rather than the mainstream movies thread just because it is a TV show lol.
So anyone watch it? The first episode was meh, but then it starts rolling and it honestly gets better and better I am now addicted to it. It is so well done and really keeps your interest and makes me want to see what happens next every time! I feel that it is a bit dismissed by people but I find it so well crafted that I hope it gets enough attention to warrant more seasons.

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Ringer is one of the best tv show i ever watched. I love the story of this show and have not missed any episode of this show.

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Re: Ringer (TV) Thread

I agree, I normally don't get into this type of show but SMG has shown me the error of my ways. And like most TV shows I hope it only gets better as it continues it's seasons.