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Vincent has become one of my favorite actors...definitely in the top 3.  I had seen him in Brotherhood of the Wolf and some other random movies, but it wasn't until Deadhorse turned me on to some of Vincent's more "obscure" movies that I really appreciated him (Vincent, not Deadhorse, though I do appreciate Dead too.  smile).

What are some of your thoughts on Vincent?  What are you favorite Vincent roles?

Some of mine:

Brotherhood of the Wolf - One of my favorite movies ever
Mesrine - Killer Instinct
Mesrine - Public Enemy

Black Swan was good, Vincent was great.

I thought Crimson Rivers was horrible.  There was some odd random fight scene in the middle of it, but I made it through cuz of Vincent.

There are more, but those come to mind.

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Sheitan by far.

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I dig Eastern Promises quite a bit.  Derailed wasn't too bad.  He was the best thing about Ocean's 12.  Brotherhood of the Wolf was schizophrenic, but interesting.  I did like Crimson Rivers, at least until the end.

I know a dozen other movies he's been in, I've just never seen them.  I have Meserine (sp) DLed but haven't checked it out yet. 

Anway, definitely an interesting actor.  I'm not as familiar with him as some others, but I'd count myself a fan.

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I actually haven't seen any of his films...what a shame. I'll get on that.
Especially Black Swan. I've been meaning to watch that for awhile now.

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I just finished Adrift, and while it was not necessarily a bad movie, it was not my kind of movie and it was fairly painful to watch.