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Co-Directed by Ruben Rox ("Chubby Killer", "Purulent") and Shawnee McCormack (director of "Revenge of the Unhappy Campers" and "My Night in Town"). Principal photography by Alex Williams ("Dead End", "Epidemic") and starring Catherine Franklin ("Vampire Camp") as Natasha McGrath and special appearance by Lucien Eisenach ("Dead Clowns", "Psycho Santa" and many other indie Horror flicks) as fellow TV reporter Matt Morbid.

Story: Local TV reporter Natasha McGrath, her camera man and assistant are sent to the woods one afternoon to shoot a last minute Halloween segment. Shortly after arriving they meet a few others in the area, including the very protective (and angry) caretaker who happens to have the power to control time and the recently deceased. Victims die in slasher fashion... Supernatural elements kick in when some of his victims return as members of the undead!

We are raising funds to cover some of the post-production costs which include sound editing and color correction among a few other things. We at Bloody Valley Films have already finished principal cinematography last summer. Sadly our main investor had to back out earlier this year and while we have put our own money into the film, there are several post-production issues we still need to work on. This includes sound effects, color correction, and some digital visual effects -death scenes are CGI free by the way-.

We have opened an indiegogo page at:

Please visit/donate and/or help spread our indiegogo page link... Feel free to repost on facebook, myspace, twitter, your website, outside your enemy's house, anywhere you want. Make sure to let us know your name/website/etc. (at and we will add your name in the "These folks rock" section in the end credits of the movie...

We will be eternally grateful and of course all those who donate get cool things like: replicated DVD, signed poster, handwritten thank you note from one of the directors... even film a death scene with a character named after you!

Thank you!

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Forget it.

I'm too busy for this.

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I'd like to think this site supports indie-film making.  As long as this topic resides only in this thread and isn't gratuitously bumped, I personally have no problem with it.
Others, however, may see it a different way...
good luck.

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Never heard of 'em. But as a fellow filmmaker? Good Luck to ya.

oh and, if your film turns out better than mine...DIE!