Topic: Afterlife

I have tonight just finished watching the last two episodes of a British t.v series called " Afterlife" it was made in 2005 and 2006 and i read a couple of good reviews of this series something i don't usually act on  but  something told me to get this series. i saw both seasons were on sale on amazon quite cheaply so bought them and i'm glad i did , it's a marvelous series. it may be hard to find for our amercian friends and i'm not sure they would like it, not sure it did that well here because it doesn't follow the usual rules and it is mostly pretty bleak. the first series consists of 6 episodes, the second 8 episodes.

It is fairly cheap and doesn't have that many special effects it tells the story of Alison Munday a woman who can see the dead and has been able to since a little girl and found her special ability was enhanced when she had a near death experience  6 years ago. She is tormented by spirits and demons of her own but tries to help others. A researcher who is sceptical and really aiming to expose fakes and opportunitists starts writing a book about mediums and in fact teams up with her to cover cases, he has a tragedy of his own and after a period of scepticism, she starts telling him things that nobody would know and he becomes more involved. i deliberately have left the main synopsis bitty because although each episode covers a different story, the ghosts aren't really the main thrust of the story, it's the main characters  Alison Munday played brillantly by Lesley Sharp and the researcher Robert Bridge played by Andrew Lincoln who of course plays Rick in " The Walking Dead" and here you can hear his real voice which goes to prove what a good actor he is with his Amercian accent as Rick grimes in " Walking Dead". like that series the emphasis here is on the characters and i'm telling you now these characters grow on you. There are a lot of surprises and twists in these stories and i'm not ashamed to say that i was reduced to tears by the final episode of season 1 and the final episode of season 2. most of the stories are of a high calibre and do not end the way you would expect. the main story is carried on through all the episodes so you really need to see the series in the correct order to get the benefit of it. some are moving, are couple are quite scary namely the episode in the second season called " Lullaby" which has a big emotional revelation in it about one of the main characters  and the actual story itself has a devastating ending.
i really enjoyed this series and iknew very little about it. my advice to you , if you can track it down and see it, is watch it with an open mind, you will soon be pulled in to it and be in for a treat and a pounding of your emotions. see it if you can, i don't think you'll regret it.
if you have seen it, what did you think of it? do you agree with me? let me know!