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Since we have lots of Music lovers on here as well, I thought this would be fun game...

The first person starts a lyric,  the second person finishes with the rest then posts a new lyric.

Forgive me if there is already a thread like this.....

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Here is the first one...

T-T-teacher stop that screamin'
Teacher don't you see?
Don't wanna be no uptown fool
Maybe I should go to hell
But I am doing well

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... Teacher needs to see me after school

I think of all the education that I've missed
But then my homework was never quite like this!

Ow! Got it bad,
Got it bad,
Got it bad,
I'm hot for teacher!
I've got it bad, so bad
I'm hot for teacher!

New Lyrics: Did I disappoint you
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
You act like you never had love
And you want me to go without
Well it's...

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...Too late
To drag the past out into the light
We're one, but we're not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other

That one last shots a permanent vacation
And how high can you fly with broken wings
Lifes a journey not a destination...

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And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings.

New lyrics.

If you kill me, it's self-defense,
If I kill you, then I call it vengeance.
Spit in your eye, I will defy,

Re: Don't forget the Lyrics'll be afraid when I call out your name.

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart

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Nothing Else Matters - Metallica, of course.

I honestly can't listen to The Black Album anymore.  lol

"Faces of a million hells
Rage inside these veins
Pounding out deserved pain to anyone in need"

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Am I beast or am I human?
Am I just like you?
Power seething, really reeling
Reaching out for you

Am I Demon, by Danzig.  Nice!

Just for you, Bill...

So be it
Threaten no more
To secure peace is
To prepare for war
So be it
Settle the score...


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yeah it's always been a fave

Bonnie Prince Paul does an interesting low-fi cover of it you might dig

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Edited my above post with new lyrics; sorry, probably should have just put them in a new post. lol

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Don't Fuckin Tread That Black Album Pap On Me Man!!  lol

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Heh heh...thought you'd get a kick out of that.  Now post new lyrics, dammit.

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You'd poison a blind man's dog and steal his cane
You'd gift wrap a leper
And mail him to your Aunt Jane
You'd even force-feed a diabetic a candy cane  lol

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Wow, look at you, digging up some old stuff. lol

You can go to Hell
You're something that never should have happened
You even make your Grandma sick

Go to Hell, by Alice Cooper (I forget the lyrics beyond that, though)

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One for both of you...

Sleep my friend and you will see
The dream is my reality  big_smile

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They keep me locked up in this cage
Can't you see that's why my brain says rage

Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica. big_smile

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Oh, I forgot to put up some new lyrics...

I was on a Paris train
I emerged in London rain
And you were waiting there
Swimming through apologies

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oh man, I know  lol

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....I remember searching for the perfect words
I was hoping you might change your mind
I remember a soldier sleeping next to me
Riding on the Metro

New one....

If you think Ill sit around as the world goes by
Youre thinkin like a fool cause its a case of do or die...

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Out there is a fortune waiting to be had
You think I'd let it go, you're mad...

You've Got Another Thing Coming, by Judas Priest.  big_smile

Seven sins of wantonness and everything that's good is gone
Sell it all for glory from the peers
Silicone priestess scratch the back and twists the knife to bone
Kick against the pricks and scrape the shins

I'm the enemy in the enemies now...

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^^Fuel - Bittersweet

New -
With all the darkness closin' in
Will the light reveal your soul
Just one sweet kiss, on your clay cold lips
long, long sleep you'll never know
Where do we go, where do we go
Where do we go from here

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No takers?!

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^ I have no idea, but I'm not surprised because you all listen to some weird music that I've frequently never heard of.  smile

However...I think this Thread would be better, if people made videos of themselves singing the lyrics.  Could you imagine how great it would be to see Deady signing - I'ts Raining Men - ?!!??!

Ok...carry on.  smile

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I'm reviving this thread, because I don't think it got its fair shake.  So, starting anew...

My body aches from mistakes
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much...