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With the 3rd Month Finals over, it's back to the weekly rounds.  This week sees a face-off between two certified horror movie legends, and is a fight I myself have been very much looking forward to seeing the results of.  So without further ado, let's see what happens when...

A clash of juggernauts as the irresisitable cannibalistic force meets the immovable psychotic object.  Will Leatherface be serving up The Shape at the next family dinner, or will Michael Myers show the chainsaw-wielding man-child who's boss? 

I kept trying to come up with a joke about Leatherface's chainsaw being "family" and Michael Myers' penchant for killing his, but I drew a blank. lol

Before voting, please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE VOTES

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE VOTE.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

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I, personally, don't really even need to think about this one.  Leatherface is just a freaky human.  Myers is... something.  Maybe LeFace could chop him up with a chainsaw, but Myers has had everything but a nuke shoved up his piehole and survived.

Winner- Mike "I'm gonna stick my head out of your closet and cause you nightmares forever" Myers.

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It's 4:00 AM at Smith's Grove Sanitarium; Becky was always a very unlucky gal. Losing her parents in a auto accident when she was an innocent 12, put in foster homes for the most part of her teens-to adult hood, not very attractive, and unlucky in love. When she got a position at the S. G. Sanitarium. Her luck changed. For the worst!

Michael's vice like grip lets go of his latest victim. Becky's last breath gurgles out of her lifeless body. It's Oct 31, Michael has a date with destiny. Michael lurches down the gloomy corridor towards his freedom. The freedom that will allow Michael to get revenge on those who have wronged him. Michael grabs the handle on the cold steel door in front of him, and pushes down. The door remains steadfast, UN-beknownst to him, another cell door opens. A cell that has held another cold blooded killer know only as Leather Face. Michael sees a second handle and turns it. The door in front of him opens this time. Michael walks down the hallway and spots another door. Opening the door, he finds a cafeteria. Michael needs a weapon and is intelligent enough to know kitchens have his weapon of choice. Butcher knives. It doesn't take long to locate one.

To be continued...'s all for now folks! Making this a 2 (maybe 3?) parter. Gonna hang out with my better half before beddie-bye .

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And you remind me that I totally forgot to put you stories together.  Hangs tail in shame.  sad 
To Do on Tuesday- Collate TripleDawg's stories.


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I would say Myers because Michael Myers is suppose to be pure evil, in shape form, therefore even if Leatherface got a attack on him, he would either play dead then get up and attack him or just get the first shot and kill leatherface. One on one Myers wins after playing dead and stabbing Leatherface in the back of the head

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(1974) In the small town of Round Rock, Texas: Horrendous crimes have been discovered by the local police dept. A family of cannibalistic killers who have murdered, maimed, and tortured their victims, for what appears to be over a period of 10 or more years, have been brought to justice. One of the killers arrested was taken to a asylum located in Illinois. No real name for this killer has yet to be discovered. He is only known as, Leather Face. Leather Face has been locked away in the asylum for the better part of 10 years now.

The door to his cell slides opens. Leather Face's feeble mind questions not why, or how. Stepping out of the cell, he looks towards his left and spots a open door. Leather Face's first and foremost thought is to locate his chainsaw. Remembering a time when he was taken to a room for shock therapy, and had spotted another room that held a chainsaw, Leather Face begins his search. After futilely searching more than 30 min, he then spots a familiar door marked " grounds keeper," and quickly busts it open. Lying on a shelf in front of him is a coveted chainsaw. More content than a kid seeing his first red Schwinn bike in front of the Christmas tree, he seizes it!

To be continued...It's dinner time and I'm hungry smile

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I am going to with Michael Myers on this one...

Leather Face is scary and and powerful with his chainsaw but Michael has some sort Supernatural powers that he can take a licking and keep on ticking.  So I think Leatherface might be able to cut off a few limbs but, that won't be enough to stop Michael.

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Interesting combo, it’s always Jason VS Mikey.

TCM 2 and the first Halloween are in my top five fav horror movies of all time, so I have love for both. But let’s get down to brass tacks. We all know LF is special (like that one cousin everyone’s got) and Mike well he’s harder to keep down than wolfmans junk after popping three Cialis and watching an all night Charo marathon on the Spanish channel.

My votes for Mike

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swollenguy wrote:

Interesting combo, it’s always Jason VS Mikey.

When I first started drawing up the fight schedules I'd actually considered that match-up, but quickly changed my mind because, like you said, when people think of horror characters squaring off it's always Jason vs Michael, or Freddy vs Jason, or blah blah blah.  So instead I went out of my way to mix it up and defy certain expectations.

Which is why, unless they happen to be monthly winners squaring off in a semi-final, you won't see any weekly matches such as Predator vs Alien, or Frankenstein vs Dracula, or any of those old hat ideas.

What you will see however -- in fact what you have seen a few times so far but will be seeing a lot more of in the future -- are a lot of what might appear to be one-sided fights but which are a lot closer when you really, really think about them.  I put a lot of thought into these bouts, which is why I decided to reward those who did the same by coming up with the points-per-vote thing.

Anyhoo, rest assured there are no easy fights in this tournament. big_smile

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5:00 AM: *WAaa...Waaa...Waaa*: Alarms sound in the asylum. Red lights blink on-n-off  through out, alerting all staff that there are patient(s) missing. A total lock down is is put in place on the asylum.

Michael makes a break from the cafeteria when he hears the deafening sounds of alarms ringing out. Leather Face chooses to hide in the shadows. Both realizing the need to escape. Michael treads the halls looking for an escape route to the outside. Hearing the voices of staff in search of the escaped inmates, Michael decides to seek shelter. With mighty strides he comes upon an isolated and dark room he thinks will hide him. *WHIRRrrrrr-ip* Michael feels something he hasn't felt in a very long time. Pain! His left arm has been ripped open and blood is pouring from the gash effortlessly. Michael raises his Blade and lashes out in the darkness. *WHIRrrr-ip* Again Michael feels pain. This time in his back. Michael reaches out in full extent with his blade, guiding the blade in a 360 motion. Dank air is all that it touches. He perpetually stabs to-fro, up-down. The blade appears to have taken on a life of it's own. * WHIRrrr...WHIRrrr * Sparks light up the room when the chainsaw this time misses it's intended target, instead hitting only the lifeless metal legs of a chair. The sparks allow Michael to now see what and who it is that's caused him pain. Michael stands to face his nemesis. Some what bewildered, Leather Face holds his ground. The two opposing gargantuan figures momentarily pause, then the imminent clash of their steel weapons meet. Like a clash of titans they are locked in battle. Michael makes contact with the full force of his blade to the gut of Leather Face. In a fury of lethal stabs, two more strikes find their target. Leather Face, oblivious to physical pain, counters back with his weapon,... *WHIRrrr*... partially severing the left hand of Michael. Michael's right hand is all he needs, it's the one that still holds the blade. Lunging, Michael takes aim at the attacker, simultaneously grabbing the wrist of leather Face with his bleeding left hand, and with his blade in right hand, cutting the neck and main artery of Leather Face. Michael senses the life threatening injury to leather Face, that he's inflicted, and steps if to admire and praise the bleeding wound of leather Face. Leather Face, still holding onto his whirring chain saw, drops to the ground. Michael, momentarily gazes upon the pool of blood flowing from the throat of leather Face, and with one last glorious thrust of his blade...casts the life taking blow into the brain of Leather Face.

If this were a movie. I would have these two square off a minimum of three times before death occurs.The probability of either one of these two killing one another, in a single battle, is beyond scope. In my case, time is limited. I had to make it quick sad So after much thought??? I gave the match to, Michael.

Good match pitting these two classic killers against one another, Lon. Gracias! It was a real pleasure writing this one up!

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And your stories are a pleasure to read as well, Undie.  Talk about going above and beyond...I should start counting your votes as TEN points each. lol

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i'm going to play devil's advocate here and go for.............Leatherface.

Although Michael is a badass mofo, his victims are normally unarmed or at the very most, lightly armed.......and a hell of a lot smaller than him.
Whereas Leatherface is as nutty as squirrel sh*t and armed with a big frickin' chainsaw!

Michaels' strategy of just getting up and taking more punishment will only get him so far in this match up.........limbs will be lost! big_smile

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Its hard to say really, since they're both wimps.
I don't thik they would be able to kill each other.
I dont have much more to give at the moment maby later I'll contribute more on this topic!

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* Bump *

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One more day to get your votes in, folks.  And don't forget, the poster with the best fight breakdown will receive a whopping 10,000 TOE TAGS courtesy of our good buddy, DHMW afficionado and all-around good guy Underdog. 

If you've already posted a fight breakdown but feel you can do better, feel free to edit your response, but do so before voting ends tomorrow.  smile

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Oh, poo balls, I almost missed that ExtraneousPuppy's feature was a 3-parter! Gack!

Oh hell.  I just realized keeping the story thread here and on Google docs synchronized is gonna be a bitch.

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Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 13

Lon- "Last day to get your votes in, folks.  And don't forget, the poster with the best fight breakdown will receive a whopping 10,000 TOE TAGS courtesy of, Underdog."

If you've already posted a fight breakdown but feel you can do better, feel free to edit your response, but do so before voting ends today.

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OK, I'm not changing my vote.  I'm going to write a little story.

Mike Myers, in his eternal search to calm the evil that beats within his heart, wanders the back roads of America.  He occasionally comes across a town, or a person, that for some reason draws him in.  He feels the need to remove these thorns in his side; he doesn't know why, and it probably doesn't even register while he does what he does so well.  Walking down a road in Texas, he sees a sign saying "Last Stop for 100 miles."  Some part of his brain realizes that this is a long distance, and a detour would be a good idea.

Leatherface is quietly sharpening each bit on his favorite chainsaw.  The meat should be cut clean, because he really hates to mop up messes.   He checks the gas level, makes sure the oil is added.  He can feel that soon, very soon, a new trophy will be added to his proverbial wall of victims.  Yes, it has been too long since he has smelled the sweet tang of ripped flesh and coppery blood.  He becomes agitated, wanting fresh blood, not knowing that soon he will have the chance.

As Myers walks down the desolate road, he passes a desolate gas station.  Decaying cars from years and decades past sit haphazardly around the building.  Obviously it has not been in use for years; the door is not even locked.  Feeling the one bit of need human-like need, he grabs a drink from the sink, that for some reason is still working.  The reason why never crosses his mind.

The family is out, hunting or doing whatever they do when they are not home.  Leatherface does not care.  It has been too long.  He has a need, an urge, to carve into meat.  Animal is OK, but he wants to carve human flesh.  He hopes that the family brings home new meat.  With this thought, he calms and begins to sharpen each individual tooth on his blade.

Walking further down the road, Michael see a house, or maybe a farm.  Everything is falling apart, but maybe there is something here for him.  He's not sure what he needs; but he NEEDS.  Walking up to the house, all the boards and handrails squeak and groan.

Leatherface hears the noises of the return of the family.  Finally!  What took them so long.  He races to the front door, only to see a white-faced stranger staring at him.  No matter, he shall obtain the meat all by himself.  Yes, there will be success!  Running back to retrieve his best friend, when he returns, the stranger is gone.  No, this cannot happen, it was so close.  I shall claim that meat.

Myers has moved off to a side room.  He knows that confusing his prey makes it so much easier.  He watches as the ugly looking person with the strange mask looks all over.  As the ugly one is walking away, Michael moves swiftly to dispatch him, but he kicks something laying on the floor. 

Leatherface hears a noise behind him, and swing the chainsaw in a wide arc.  It connects with Myer's head, staggering him a bit.  'Face starts up the newly sharpened saw, and starts swinging wildly.  Myers is slightly more agile, and avoids the spinning teeth of damage.  On a large lunge, Leatherface semi-embeds the chainsaw into a wall.  Michael, seeing 'Face struggle to free the tool, raises his machete, and in one powerful stroke removes one of 'Face's arms.  Screaming in pain, clutching the stump, Leatherface spins wildly until Michael cleaves 'Faces' head in two with another blow.

Michael sits down in a chair.  He feels that there is unfinished business in this house.

Winner-  Myers.

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"No, this cannnot happen it was so close. I shall claim that meat."  lol

Creative, Az.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 13

Good stuff, az!!

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Right-o.  Voting is officially over for this round.  Our results:

Total votes -- 1 (2, minus mine so I could see the results)
Justified votes -- 1 x 5 pts each = 5 pts
Total: 5 pts

Michael Myers:
Total votes -- 6
Justified votes -- 5 x 5 pts each = 25
Non-justified votes -- 1 x 1 pt each = 1 pt
Total: 26 pts


As has been advertised many times over the last few days, Underdog has volunteered to donate a monstrous 10,000 Toe Tags to the poster with the best fight breakdown.  I think it's safe to say that our good pal Azathoth has nailed it down.  Congratulations, Azzie, and don't spend all those toe tags in one place. big_smile

Thanks to all those who participated, and keep an eye out for ROUND 14, which will be up shortly. smile

And now for my take on the fight:

Firstly, both characters are from films in my permanent Top 10 Horror Flicks list.  I found them both terrifying for different reasons; Myers as a force of nature given human form, and uncompromising, remorseless and, worst of all, patient psychopath as unmovable as a brick wall.  That blank white face is like a movie screen upon which you can project your own private fears.

Leatherface, meanwhile, is an aggressive, unpredictable, flailing maniac with an ever-rumbling, flesh-ripping three-foot-long monster of a chainsaw.  His patchwork face is a reminder that the lives he's taken are many, and that he carries pieces of them with him (and not just in his stomach lol ).  It really is a case of Leatherface's irresistable force meeting Michael Myers' immovable object.


The Shape is not known for his dexterity, or even his defense.  He stands there and takes whatever you dish out to him, be it six rounds from Dr. Loomis' hand gun, to automatic machine gun fire, to a pick-up truck barrelling into him at fifty miles an hour.  But he's never been attacked with something that can gut and eviscerate.  He can survive those gunshots and getting hit by trucks, but can he survive being ripped in half by a chainsaw?

I don't think he can.  Leatherface, as a killer, is Michael Myers' polar opposite.  He tears into his victims full bore, roaring and swinging his chainsaw and woe be unto anyone or anything in his path.  He wouldn't worry about sizing up his opponent, or trading blows with them, like Myers sometimes does; he'd charge straight in chainsaw-first and get to gut-spilling work.  I see this fight ending with Michael Myers hanging by his feet from a hook sunk into his ankle and trussed up like a deer while Leatherface ponders what spices to add to his Michael Myers chili.

My take: Leatherface wins.

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Thanks Lon and Undy.  I felt compelled to write a story since the Dawg said he wouldn't take the win ('cause you know his are unparalleled).  Was kinda fun.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 13

10,000 TT's have been added to your already over abundant amount.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 13

Coming from the guy who has 20,000 more than me?  lol
Thank you, I hope I did you proud.