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Sorry I need to vent.

For those that don’t know. There was a recent case were two kids were taken to a supervised visit to their dad (whom was the main suspect in their mothers disappearance)  long story short he pulled the kids into the house shut the door on the social worker. Hacked his beautiful young sons up then blew him them and the house up with gasoline. It’s a horrible horrible thing and I have been avoiding it because stories like this about kids really bother me. but today at lunch I heard the 911 calls from the social worker. Now the whole system failed these boys but these calls made me shake with anger.  The transcript reads like one call but it was two the last half is the 1st call: … 48545.html

if you hear the audio on the first call the guy is an idiot he doesn’t understand it’s the social work on the phone or what she wants, he takes 6 min splitting hairs with her and bordering on condescending before he tells her he’ll have someone call her back, not that he is sending the police. Two calls and the best they can do is get a fire truck there to clean up (which only took 3 min after the 2nd call about the gas smell), it makes you sick.

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Makes me sick to my stomach too!!!! I almost cried when I heard the news. So sad!!!!

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Between this and a very disturbing child sexual abuse scandal with LA unified school district I am staying away from the news for awhile, its nothing but depressing #$%&

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Yeah, I heard about this.  I got nothing to add.