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A surprising twist for the previous week's round saw the fighter with the fewer votes actually win, due to having more justified (i.e., "explained in a post") votes.  Remember, folks, each vote with an accompanying response will be worth five points; votes without a response will only count as one point.

With that reminder out of the way (though, seriously, at the very top of the page it says "see rules before voting," durh!) let's get on with this week's bash-'em-up which features...

Two immensely powerful sadists, both of whom can be summoned from a mystical item (a lamp for the Djinn, the Lament Configuration for Pinhead) and when called on, make those who did so wish they hadn't.  Who wins?

Before voting, please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

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Before writing my stories, I do a bit of home work on the characters. So I typed in "Wish Master," and went to for some info on Djinn. After reading up on Djinn I scrolled to the bottom of the page to see if there was any more tid-bits. At the bottom of the page was a message board. By sheer coincidence, some one had asked who would win in a battle between Djinn & Pin Head? There were no lengthy explanations, but I found it pretty funny never the less.

For Pin head I went to Wikipedia and got some good inside info on his character too.

Although the sites I get info from doesn't sway my vote. It does though help re-familiarize me with the 2 fighters so I can give more of an educated summary, and I sometimes have forgotten character traits.

Back to the SB...

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Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 15

I'm with the UDogg, I'm going to have to study up, too (like I had to for the last one).  We're getting into some metaphysical shit now.

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Well I had to watch Hellraiser and Wishmaster again to get a better idea of who would win in this match.  I think the pivotal scene was in Wishmaster.  The girl wishes that he blow his brains out and he does so only to repair himself instantly.   He does not die, but says "that hurt like hell....You can not kill that which is eternal"  So the Cenobites will be able to inflict every imaginable torture on Wishmaster but he will survive because he is eternal.

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Part 1)  At a garage sale with his mom, twelve year old Danny rummages through the box marked "any item fifty cents."  He pulls out two items that look like puzzles. Danny asks his mom if he can have a dollar of his allowance to buy them? Mom asks Danny " What are they?" Danny tell his mom " they're puzzles mom, and you know how much I love puzzles, and how good I am at solving them."  Mom agrees, gives Danny a dollar, which he happily gives to the woman selling them. As Danny is leaving the woman who sold them calls Danny back. She tells Danny "the items he bought are in fact puzzles, and she herself had tried to solve them, but with no luck. She even tried looking them up on the internet to see if she could find out who made them? Still no luck! She did, however, find a few pics on a weird site. The pics gave no info on how to solve them. But did say they were very, very old, and held magical powers."

Later that afternoon when Danny gets home, he quickly races to his room with both puzzle boxes in hand, sits on his bed, and begins trying to solve one of the box shaped puzzles. Hours pass. Danny has still yet to figure out the puzzles. Mom shouts out " Danny, come down stairs, it's dinner time young man!" Danny shouts back at his mom  " Here I come, mom!" After finishing up his dinner; hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, and yucky peas, Danny returns to his room, puts on his pajamas, and goes to his bathroom to brush his teeth. Now ready to return to his quest of solving the puzzles. Danny frustrated with the one he last worked on, grabs the one that slightly resembles a Rubriks cube, without all the brightly colored tiles. He obsessively twists and turns the box in several directions. As if he's possessed, Danny is now able to manipulate each and every turn of the boxed shaped puzzle, like the box is a part of him. With one final slip of the thumb, the box begins to move on it's own. Amazed and scared, Danny drops the box. Sparks of electricity circle and surround the box. The box stops moving

A tall figure stands in Danny's room, garbed in black leather, with eyes black as soot, and sharp needles protruding into it's skull. Danny closes his eyes momentarily, in hopes the figure will go away, and this is all just a bad dream. The tall demonic figure remains! Danny tries to scream for help, but all that comes out is a soft, unheard, whimper. With tears streaming from his cheeks, and urine running down his legs, Danny grabs the other puzzle lying on his bed. Danny hurls the box at the demon. The box slams against the wall, shattering upon impact, and from with-in drops a red stone from the box. Pin Head, curious, picks up the ruby red stone, then casts it aside, and refocuses his attention back to Danny. " I am Pin Head, young boy! I am not of your world, but from another dimension. I need a blood sacrifice! Your young mortal body will have to suffice."  Pin Head raises his arms to cast out his hooked chains at the boy. Another demonic figure appears in the room, just in time to stop the deathly chains in mid flight, aimed at young Danny. The new  figure is every bit as hellish looking as Pin Head! Danny is able to catch his breath, gain his senses, then sprints out of his room. The demon announces to Pin Head that " he's a all powerful, Djinn.  Now stand aside demon!! I hold powers that can not be fathomed by the mortal, or immortal." Pin Head merely laughs at the Djinn...

To be continued...

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I have yet to see Wishmaster...pretty sure I have it in one of my 3 or 4 movie sets though. Ima have to get on that!

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The Djin may be eternal but that’s how Pinhead gets down. He doesn’t kill you he puts Pineapples in your but for eternity. He works directly for leviathan which is arguably a depiction of hell/Satan, which puts him in the main office and working a few rungs up the ladder over the evil genie.

So I say in the fight  between the two if pinheads numbers (souls sent straight to hell) were good for the quarter. Then not wanting to lose their top Collections specialist, Leviathan allows Pin to imprison the Jin and force him to watch reruns of the Fresh Beat* ban for all eternity.

winner Pinhead

* youtube search if you don’t know the hell of which I speak.

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Part 2)  Pin Head, not to be denied of a possible soul to take, casts his chains at Djinn. The hooks slice into the skin of Djinn's palms. Pinning Djinn's arms to the wall of Danny's room. Pin head casts his deadly chains again at Djinn. This time protruding through the knee caps. With Djinn unable to move, Pin Head looks to cast a final blow with his hooked chains. *Djinn speaks* " I have been alive since the dawn of time. Long before the the kingdom of Atlantis thrived, long before man roamed the earth, and before dinosaurs roamed the earth. Before the sun rose in the ashen sky.  I have fought and and slayed monsters that are not written in history, Kings and Queens have bowed to me, and yes, I have also slain demons not of this plain. I serve not man, beast, or any God ever spoken.  I care not from where you came, or of what/who you serve! These chains you cast and hooks that bind are to no avail! "  With those spoken words the chains that bind Djinn, turn to dust. Freed, Djinn again speaks  " A evil entity, as one, is difficult to over throw. Two evil beings as powerful as us, together as one, would be impossible. We could wreak havoc on this God forsaken planet. Together we could torture the souls of countless beings for centuries. Torment men, women and children alike. What say you? "  *Pin Head replies, while laughing mockingly at Djinn*... " You speak as though you have powers greater than the one whom I despise the most? Satan! The father of lies, and lord of the greatest kingdom of all...Hell!! Heed my one last warning and begone, Jeanie. I will give no more warnings, nor will I show thee mercy! "

Djinn begins to fume. Smoke billows from the edifices of his ears and flame shoots from his nostrils. " I too serve a master. Mine is naught of this, or any other world, to deny him of souls, is to shame him. I will not allow you to shame my master! "   With those spoken words, Djinn casts a spell,  turning Pin Head to stone. Djinn circles around the frozen figure of Pin Head. Admiring his spell, and the power it holds on his immortal foe. As Djinn gloats over the hardened, suspended figure of Pin Head. Darkness suddenly unfolds all around. Djinn snaps a finger, which creates first a spark, that then turns to flame. In front of Djinn still stands Pin Head. Djinn starts to recite a incantation. One that will send the body and soul of the once mighty Pin Head, to a private hell, for all of eternity. As his words come to an end, and the smirk in Djinns face grows. Djinn awaits the final phase of his spell to take hold. The stone statuette remains! Djinn growls and curses at the gods, of gods. " What is this? How can this be? "  Djinn again begins to recite the incantation. Thinking he has some how made an error with the words spoken to evoke the powerful, centuries old spell. With the final word on the tip of his tongue... Djinn loses the ability of speech. His final word is frozen.

Djinn is wrapped and bounded with chains. The stone statuette of Pin Head falls to the ground and crumbles. A voice from behind Djinn speaks serenely " Demon of wishes. You have spoken your last word and soon will have taken your last breath. Your all mighty god, can not, and will not save you. All is futile, your death inevitable. Whilest you have easily tricked tens of thousands of mere mortals into their demise. I am not mortal! I am not easily tricked! Nor am I held to the same rules of spells you hath cast!! Now behold powers you never thought existed."  Pin Head lifts his arms, puts his palms together, then spreads them apart. With those motions the hooked chains binding Djinn split the body of Djinn into thousands of pieces. Pin Head gazes upon the once magical, torn pieces of the Jeanie. Pin Head summons one of his fellow cenobites. The cenobite holds a bottle in it's hands and hands it to Pin Head. The cenobite motions it's hands over the scattered remains of the Djinn. The remains float up and form a vortex, which make their way into the open chamber of the bottle. Pin Head seizes the bottle and casts it into the air. The bottle disappears. Where? Where it will never be found for all of eternity!

Winner: Pin Head.

As cunning as Djinn may be. Pin Head is wise. Wise enough to know that he can trick the Djinn. And that he did!

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One more day before the results are tallied, folks, so get your votes in while you can.

In other words -- *bump*

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Still haven't watched Wishmaster but from the info above and what I gathered from a little research, I gotta go with Pinhead. He seems the more powerful of the two.

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Have I mentioned that I don't like Lon very much when he comes with these types of battles?  No.?  Yeah, he's a dick.  lol

OK, so we got 2 more supernatural creatures, and I'm running only off of their first movies.  Let's break it down Electric Boogaloo style- Djinn is immortal, but really can't do anything unless you make a wish.  Pinhead is probably immortal, being from Hell and all, and can't do anything unless you mess with the Box (guys, how many times have you heard that?  Wait, did I just type that?  Shit... ^H^H...). 

Where were we?  Ah, 2 dudes who are not likely to meet each other.  Let us devise a scenario.  Kirsty gets her hands on both the bottle and the Box, and rubs them together like she's trying to create static electricity.  Boom!  Djinn & Pinhead have showed up for the dance.  Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey taunts Mr. FloppyClownShoes about being stuck in a bottle.  Djinn retorts with "I was featured on 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' once," then starts sobbing uncontrollably. 

Since no one is willing to make a wish, CurleyToes just foppishly flops around while PinWheel keeps skewering him with razors, hooks, and the occasional swordfish.  Kirsty has wandered off to make herself a vegetable pot pie. 

SpazDancerTheElder keeps asking HammerHead about wishes.  After 392,857 hours, Pinhead finally says "I wish you would go away and stop bothering me."  Djinn gets sucked back up into the Goblet of Fire and drops into Sarah Palin's living room.  (15 minutes later Alaska disappears from the Earth)

While not a true outright victory, Pinhead gets the win for, well, not being stupid enough to wish for anything besides banishing the Djinn The Foppish. 

Winner (by a technicality)- Pinhead

[edit- UDog tells a better story than I do.  But I did use the word "foppishly."  big_smile ]

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Hey guys and gals, I tried to come up with a wrapper of a story for the Battles.  What do you think?

They were wrong.  Twelve billions years ago the human scientists underestimated the power of "dark matter," and did not even realize the potential of exotic energy.  The universe is not open.  Now, as the universe collapses upon itself, the power of thought is leaking through into the physical universe, though I shudder why yesterday morning when upon entering my bathroom I found a sloth using my toilet; the story behind that must be fascinating.  What once was dreams, tales, things called "movies," have been appearing.  From our records, we try to piece together these legends.  Surprisingly, or maybe not, many of these have similar characteristics.  The humans spoke most precisely of these, so I shall use their words.  Things called "vampires," "werewolves," and "demons" seem to be prevalent.  Malevolent creatures, beasts even, things we cannot fathom are trickling into our worlds.  And they seem to have a hatred of all life.  Sometimes they show up singularly, and we try to capture and contain them, albeit almost always with a great loss of life.  Even then, the prison cells never seem to hold them for long, and when two are free they fight.  It's insanity, for when they fight, reality seems to distort itself, turning the prison into other areas, other times.  Truly, the fabric of the universe is unwinding for such... madness to occur.  Even worse, but thankfully rarely, two of these… things appear at the same time in close proximity to each other.  The loss of civilian life then is always high, for they seem to be unstoppable except for our harshest deterrent weapons.  If there is a god, I would call him Lovecraft, after the human writer, for the horrors that have been unleashed on our worlds are incomprehensible.  May our universe die quickly, for that would be the lesser of horrific endings that we face.

If there is anything to come after, I leave this chronicle of these sightings, videos, and personal memories of these events.

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^^^ I dig.  Very Lovecraftian, with the unspeakable, vile, murderous creatures trickling into our dimension. 

Works for me!

Oh, and be sure to get your votes in, folks.  This round's voting ends at 7-ish tonight. smile

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<does a little monkey dance>

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 15

^^  NICE story, azzy! Love the angle you took on it.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 15

Thanks guys!  The idea more or less popped into my head at 4AM.  Now I need to start wrapping the story around El Doggy's stories.  This is fun, my main problem with writing is not having a set endpiece.  With UDog's stories, I can write the in-between stuff to set up the scenario.  Then Lon can make a screenplay, and Ace can make a movie.  We all get rich and retire to a private island with mojitos served by chimps.  And Lon can bring along Tina Fey.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 15

You had me at Tina Fey.  *sniffle*  You had me at Tina Fey.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior ROUND 15

Don't worry bro, millionaire screenwriter + private island = Tina Fey all night long.

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Voting is officially over.  The results:

Total Votes: 1 (2, minus mine so I could see the results)
Justified votes: 1 x 5 pts each = 5 pts
Total pts: 5

Total Votes: 5
Justified Votes: 4 x 5 pts each = 20 pts
Non-Justified Votes: 1 x 1 pt each = 1 pt
Total pts: 21


Thanks to all who participated, and keep an eye out for the next round, which will be up directly. smile

As for my view, here's how I'd break it down:

I initially pitted these two villains against one another because the idea of two creatures who once summoned made their respective summoners regret it sounded interesting to me.  They're both sadists who enjoy tormenting their victims; Wishmaster by twisting the wishes of his victims around, Pinhead by giving the sado-masochistic seekers of the Lament Configuration exactly what they were asking for, times a thousand.

But as I thought more about it, I realized it's actually a one-sided fight; Wishmaster can only act when granting a wish.  And I don't think Pinhead would need to wish for anything.  As a human he sought the Lament Configuration because he had sado-masochistic tendencies.  He must have, because it's the only reason anyone would seek ou the Lament Configuration.  And being a Cenobite is the ultimate in sado-masochism, with the pins hammered into his head and pieces of flesh flayed and peeled back, he must be in constant pain, which would appease his masochistic side, and he's capable of causing extreme torment to his victims, appeasing his sadistic side.  As a demon of hell, Pinhead's a kid in a candy store.  I think the only wish he'd have would be one which resulted in the Djinn's own suffering, and what does the Djinn despise most in the world?  Being stuck in that damn bottle.  One wrong turn of phrase and Pinhead's screwed, but I think Pinhead's clever enough that he could wish Djinn back into his bottle in such a way that Djinn won't be able to twist his words around. 

My take: Pinhead wins -- so long as he watches what he says.