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We've got us a couple of real bruisers this week.  Relish in the gut-stomping brutality of...

The ultimate alien hunter trains his laser sights on a cannibalistic hulk from hell.  Will Predator have a new skull for his collection?  Or will King Rawhead be picking chunks of Predator ass out of his flesh-ripping fangs?  You be the judge.

Before voting, please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

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Raw head is an eternal, I say predator takes him down with a head shot while hiding in the trees. Then when he goes to get his trophy raw opens his eyes (resurrects) and rips the predator apart.
Winner IMO the best depiction ever of Satan/evil as an animalistic elemental beast: Raw Head Rex

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Part 1)  The Predator (aka; Yautja) species have been traveling the infinite universe for so long, that they no longer have a home planet. They are a race of hunters. The greatest any universe has known. They hunt for sport and honor. Each hunter is given the task of killing several intergalactic species in order to be bestowed the honor of a full fledged Yautja hunter. The right of passage is no easy task. And each kill becomes more difficult. The hunter in this case has just one more kill to go. After nearly being killed on his last hunt, on the planet of Klyzxda. His final trophy will be hunted on the distant planet earth. The Predator is excited! Words alone can't-won't describe the emotions that surge through it's body. The creature he will be hunting is named Rawhead Rex. A formidable opponent who just recently has been resurrected in Ireland. Not much is known about Rawhead Rex, other than it's possesses super strength/durability, cannibalistic, and supposedly eternal, stands 7' tall, and weighs roughly 400 lbs.

After a long ceremony, the Predator is fitted with armor and the weapons necessary to achieve his goal, and gain his long awaited status among the other accomplished, Yautjas. Minutes later he bids his fellow hunters a goodbye, and is teleported to Earth in search of his final trophy.

To be continued...

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What...are you afraid of things that go *bump* in the night.

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Oh yeah, I guess I should do this, eh?  Since I'm writing a story about it and all.... lol  I'll get you something by tomorrow night.

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One more day to get your votes in, folks. 

Just a reminder: this round marks the last of this month's weekly matches, so tomorrow I'll be posting the 4th Month Finals match and the 4th Month Exhibition match.

So get to voting, dammit!  What, you think I post these things for my health? big_smile

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Part 2)  Rawhead Rex, was thought to be a myth. A myth told by Irish men and woman through the ages. One that has scared many a child from straying too afar from home, or staying out too late in the night. One that has chilled the spines of many adults as well. For there are some who wholly believe that Rawhead, is not but a myth, but a true God. A pagan demon, spawned from the deepest bowels of hell, who to this very day lies somewhere buried deep in the ground of Ireland...awaiting it's chance to once again rise from burial and slaughter those in it's path.

Farmer Connolly is near done with clearing a way for his newest acre of farming. All that is left is a concrete column lying in the field. Mr Connolly lifts the bucket of his front loader and with one push swipes away the column. A plume of dust arises from where the column last lied. Curious, Mr Connolly gets off his tractor and walks toward the rising dust. The last thing the poor farmer sees, before his life and head is abruptly taken, is Rawhead Rex's cavernous mouth.

Predator stands in a field as foreign to him as the trophy he's hunting. With his long fingers he pushes a few buttons on the locator strapped on his wrist. The locator points him North. Predator pushes another button which camoflauges him invisible, he then confidently sets off to look for Rawhed.

A few miles from where the Predator began, lies a small town. It's night time and the streets are barren. Predator begins his hunt. It doesn't take long till he finds the bloodied, mutilated corpse of a man. It's obvious to the young, but knowledgeable Predator, that the cold,  bloodied, lifeless body was shredded by the one he seeks. Predator begins to feel the rush that only a hunt brings forth. Sensing that he's close to locating the demon that will immortalize him, Predator climbs the wall of a tall chapel, hoping to spot his prey.

A painful scream is heard from afar. A cry that could only come from the mouth of a victim being mauled. The shriek from the human is desperate, blood curdling, hopeless! With but a few leaps, Predator stands perched on another roof top. Closer to where he heard the screaming. Looking down he listens...  Silence reigns, only the soft blowing of the wind remains to be heard. Predator again pushes a dial on his wrist. A infrared unit located in his armored helmet is put into use. With it, Predator is able spot who he seeks. Rawhead Rex!

To be continued...

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LoudLon wrote:

So get to voting, dammit!  What, you think I post these things for my prostate health? big_smile


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Actually I waitaminnit!

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^^  lol

I'm still working on my analysis, bro. The drive out to the in-laws took a bit out of me, so I'll get it to you, well, actually today now.

I'm thinking of making you a human character in the battle story, some colleague of the main guy.   Maybe with a really smart dog (or would that be too cliched?)

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azzy- " Maybe with a really smart dog (or would that be too cliched?)

I would be honored!  smile

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The Predator is faster, has more weapons, and can cloak himself.  Rawhead is comparatively slower, but arguably stronger.  The problem is that Rex is for all intents and purposes, a minor god.  He can be banished for time, but he will always come back.  If the Predator learned the ritual to banish Rawhead, Rawhead would come back, lather, rinse, repeat.  But eventually Rex will get a killing blow on the Predator.

Winner- Rawhead Rex

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Part 3)  Like any skilled veteran hunter, the young Predator meticulously assesses the situation. The Predator follows from rooftop. Looking for any weaknesses Rawhead may have. Calculating a time and place to confront, and ultimately claim his trophy? Time is not a factor.

Rawhead lurks in the dark streets and alley ways, claiming three more innocent lives. All females. While devouring his last victim, Predator sees his chance. The element of surprise! One of the first lessons in hunting taught to the Yautjas. The Predator arms himself with his pointed spear, then launches his net gun at Rawhead. Rawhead, caught in the net, begins using his mighty hands to rip away the netting. Predator hurls his Naginata, and a few shurikens at Rawhed, all hitting their mark. Rawhead, not feeling any pain, goes into a frenzy of rage. A berserk-er! In a matter of seconds Rawhead is freed from the netting.

Rawhead leaps on top of the roof where, Predator stands. Predator does not flee, but stands proud. Ready to do battle! Rawhead grabs, Predator and attempts to maul him. The Predators armor withstands the strength of the mighty onslaught of blows by Rawhead. Predator hits a button on his wrist and is again cloaked. Predator dodges the lethal blows of Rawhead. Rawhead pauses, and is momentarily confused by the disappearance of his attacker. The Predator grabs another weapon from his vast selection. The combat stick that all Preadators are well versed in. He steps in closer, and shoves the combat stick deep into the bowels of Rawhead. Rawhead stumbles, not from the pain, but from the fury of the assault, which he has never known. The fury only strengthens Rawhead! He gets up from the ground and lunges. Attempting to grab anything that stands in his way. The predator side steps from the assault. Then launches another three shurikens. Rawhead pulls the shurikens from his body. Predator is now the one who is confused? Never has he witnessed any being withstand the multitude of weaponary, and lived.

Predator uncloaks himself to reveal, and confront the beast. Rawhead, lunges towards Predator. Predator does not try to avoid the physical attack. Pride has over taken the young Predator. Predator has decided to confront his prey, in arm-to-arm combat. Predator, is first to make contact. A mighty blow to the head sends Rawhead reeling back a good three feet. Rawhead, charges back at Predator. Rawhead, is able to strike a blow to the body of the Predator. Predator withdrawals, swallows his pride, realizing that  hand-to-hand combat will not defeat this opponent.

Predator arms himself with his most powerful weapon. The Plasma Gauntlet, imbedded in his gloved arm. A ray capable of obliterating a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex. Predator, fires a bolt at Rawhead. A direct hit! Rawhead falls to the ground for the second time in battle. Not just stunned. This time from injury! Predator againg unleashes another bolt. And again... a direct hit! Rawhead remains on the floor, struggling to get up. Predator, approaches the stricken Rawhead.

Predator reaches for what he surmises to be his final weapon of assault. A, twin headed Glaive. The weapon of choice by his own clan,  personalized just for him by the elders. Predator heaves out a mighty roar. One that claims victory. Predator lifts up his Glaive...and thrusts it into the skull of Rawhead. A black ooze begins flowing from the head of Rawhead. Rawhead's body flails, then seizes. Predator, triumphantly retrieves his Gaive from the lifeless body.

Predator proudly summons the elder Predators. Notifying them of his victory. The young Predator turns to face the dead body of the once mighty demon. He raises both arms high into the night sky and speaks out a prayer of the Yaujta. A prayer that honors the fallen. Respectfully asking the Gods to take his dead opponent to a place where he will be recognized as a warrior. After one final word of praise, Predator bows his head, then kneels in silence for a few moments. " Kefcuiehbc... nc, dxhu bxueixbe fhiu ndhdtmrf, cnu cnu ndicb hrv nyd." * translated from the Yatja language; Predator, we have received your message, and are retrieving you soon." If the Predators could smile, this young triumphant one would.

As the Predator warrior awaits his return to the mother ship, his mind is able to relax. He looks to the sky, remembering other Yatja who have crossed into manhood, and the ultimate glory it will bestow upon him. He feels a warmth upon him. A warmth brought on by the euphoric feeling of triumph. Of glory. Of respect! Then the young hunter feels another sensation. A sharp pain!! Not of the mental sort, but physical pain. His body is swiftly lifted high off the ground. A massive arm protruding through his gut. He is dropped to the hard ground. Looking up he sees what he thought to be long dead. Rawhead Rex, stands before him! Predator futilely attempts to reach for a weapon of any sort. Rawhead, grabs the arm of the Predator and rips it off. Rawhead then reaches for the helmet of Predator, and pulls it off!  Predator begins gasping for air. The oxygen of Earth is toxic to their species. He is choking on poison. Rawhead Rex, takes predator out of his misery and suffering, by taking hold of it's head and with one hand, tearing it off the body.

Winner: Rawhead Rex.

I did more research on these two, than any other previous opponents. With R R, I wasn't able to gather much info, other than in role playing strengths. What I did gather was instrumental.

With Predator, there was a ton of info!

Based on what I gathered. It was a hard decision!

I gave the win to R R, because of a few key abilities: The ability to heal and is eternal. Two abilities the YOUNG Predator did not know of, or had simply forgotten!

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About two and a half hours until voting for this round ends.  Get in while you can!

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Not a lot of votes this week, so hopefully I can get this tally done and have the 4th monthly finals and exhibition matches up before my power goes out again (heavy snow today, power's been coming and going all day!).

The results:

Predator: 1 Vote
Justified Votes: 0
Non-justified votes: 1 x 1 pt each = 1 pt
Total pts: 1

Rawhead Rex: 3 Votes
Justified Votes: 3 x 5 pts each = 15 pts
Total pts: 15


How I'd break it down:

Rawhead's eternal but can he be defeated in battle?  I think he could.  Being a creature from hell he'd be reborn again and come back, but he can be temporarily put down.  And I think Predator's the guy to do it.  With his arsenal, superhuman agility and electronic camouflage device, I think he could easily get the drop on King Rawhead.  He'd never keep Rex down permanently, but I do think he'd win every match-up.

My take: Predator wins.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 16

Sorry I guess I missed it...I would have voted Rawhead Rex anyway smile

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 16

@Lon- We've had these type of matchups before (Crowley).  The guy who comes back will eventually win once, and the guy who can't come back, well is not so well off.  It seems that you don't think Rex can get one lucky kill in.  It's cool, we all have our opinions. 

By the way, I haven't thanked you recently for doing this.  Tre cool, my friend.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 16

@Az- I've kept im mind what you said previously about putting a story together and was wondering how you think I'm faring? Please be honest, but not brutal big_smile

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Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 16

To be honest, I think I'm 2 battles behind at this point.  I have had no problems with your stories up to that point.  Sentence and paragraph structure and transitions need a little work;  I'm trying to do the 1st 2 battles by tomorrow, so you can see how I edited them.  I haven't seen any egregious problems (your, you're, etc.), just stuff that needs a little smoothing over. 

Those intro stories I've posted in the Battle Story Thread?  3rd or 4th revisions with Vamps giving them a look over.  I haven't even sent them to my mom yet (she's so hardcore she makes the Blue Book of Grammar cry). 

So you're doing fine.  Read my edited version in a day or two.  I'm not any great shakes, but I have probably written 5K pages worth of various stuff in my time.

Keep doing your thing, and in a year we'll have a NY Times bestseller on our hands!   Then the movie deal, and we all grab Emmy's in Hollywood, and live happily ever after.  (with monkeys)

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 16

^^ Thanks for your honesty, az!!  Not sure why, but when it comes to conversation vs putting my thoughts on paper, or in this case the computer. Something in my damn brain goes on the fritz? I think, I over think? Not to mention I've not written many stories in the past.

I do enjoy writing though. And appreciate any feedback/critiquing the more seasoned writers here can/will offer.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 16

Dawg, if you enjoy writing just keep writing.  Just the process of writing, then going back and correcting what you wrote, if a big part of getting better.  It's a skill; it needs practice like everything else.  The one thing I've noticed is if I write a big chunk of stuff, and let it go for a full day or 2 and come back to it, I can see my errors much easier than if I try to proof it right away.  Give yourself some time away so your mind can forget the near memories, and then come back with a fresh/clean view.  (The hardest part is forcing yourself away for that time period.  But trust me on this, putting some time in between a revision does give a 'better' view.)

Just keep with it bro!  We'll hammer out some awesomeness in the end.  I got 2 editors on my side (Vamps and mom) plus Lon to work on our story.  Hell, I might even ask Ace to give some thoughts if he's free.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 16

^^ Since being outta school, and it's been a while.  This is the most writing I've done.

After writing the VS matches I have been going back 3-4-5 times and editing a few things I thought could be improved on. As you pointed out; it's usually sooner- than later smile

So, with those words of wisdom;
" I'll try to be more patient before doing any correcting/editing."

Save me a good seat at the Emmy's!  lol

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Well, King Rawhead was an Pre-Christian, Pagan Cannibal Warrior Demon-God who roamed Ireland, slaughtering anyone who he encountered, and also had the ability to hypnotize people into worshiping him, and those followers eventually built a church to Rawhead, but at some point, Rawhead was "overthrown" you could say, by using a fertility stone (Rawhead's ONLY weakness) and was imprisoned under the ground, and a fertility obelisk was put on top of him to keep the demon from rising back up.

Rawhead could easily overpower a Predator with his strength, but a Predator has a speed and stealth advantage. But Rawhead could easily hypnotize anyone into fighting for him, this maybe not pose that much of a problem for Predator since he could dispatch any man who he may come across, but it would make it a little more difficult when an mob willing to die for their "god" is chasing you down.

And like I said, Rawhead's only weakness is a fertility stone (when used by a woman) so that means Predator would have to team up with another human female, like in AvP.
But, if the Predator were to defeat Rawhead, he couldn't exactly "keep" his kill, he'd have to seal Rawhead up again with another fertility stone.

So, I'm giving Rawhead Rex the win, defeating Rawhead is just too much of a tedious task, sorry Predator, you're just one more victim to Rawhead's blood lust.

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Nice.  Too bad you weren't here before this poll expired 20 months ago. lol

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LoudLon wrote:

Nice.  Too bad you weren't here before this poll expired 20 months ago. lol

Yeah, I know lol

But Rawhead still one the poll, so it's all good