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By now you all know how it works: the winners of the previous four weekly matches will now face off in a four-man free-for-all to determine the monthly winner.  But there's more to it this time: this marks the end of the first half of what I'm calling "Season 1," so next week the last four monthly winners will be meeting up for the first semi-finals match. 

With that said, let's get to it.  This month's finals sees...

Also, be sure to vote in this  month's Exhibition Match.

Looks like we have ourselves a supernatural bash-'em-up this week!  But first, as always...

Please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to justify your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS. 

Those who do not, or those whose justifications are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities, your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

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LON- for some reason Vampy's login keeps cycling to the planet/horror question, so she asked me to put her response in.
(Azzy here transcribing for Vampy; and yes this is what she told me).
Pinhead would win because he is a near-immortal demon thing that is ruthless, sneaky, evil, and has lots of weapons/powers.

(To be honest here, she has no idea about Rawhead Rex, but my brief overview of him didn't impress her.)

Winner- Pinhead

I have voted in the poll for her. 
When I get to making my own choice, I'm going to have to just write in the winner in my post, and you'll have to add that 1 point in.  (Sorry!)

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On Halloween night, in a wax museum, all four of these supernatural creatures wax figures are brought to life by a coven of bored witches & warlocks-

Penny Wise is the first to get offed. R R, takes takes out P W with one swipe of it's arm and lops off his head.

Meanwhile; Myers and Pinhead go at it. Myers tries to over come PH with brute force. PH makes short coming of M M with his lethal chains, by sending four of the hooks into each arm and leg of M M. Then quartering M M into pieces.

Were down to two: R R and PH are the final combatants because of their supernatural abilities, and are put in a cage for the show down.

PH is first to strike. Not much damage is done to R R by the chained hooks of PH.  PH is used to facing mortal beings, not those of the supernatural kind, or is as durable in battle.

R R is a brutal demon who can tolerate pain infliction, and is used to being able to easily over come his victims with his strength. The thing is; R R can't get his mits on P H!

PH, after a multitude of attempts to use his hooked chains on R R. All to no avail! The ever cunning PH is smart enough to figure up a different strategy. And he does! PH, like R R, is also from Hell, and is very well versed in incantations. With those powers alone he is able to conjure R R back to Hell.

Winner- Pinhead!

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Myers is toast in about 30 seconds.  Just not supernatural enough to fight the others.  One of them takes him out.

To get Pinhead into the fight someone has to use the Configuration to call him to earth.  Rawhead's out (he hasn't even mastered the doorknob yet), and probably Mikey (I can't see him even programming a TV), so that leaves Penny.  Penny should be able to control Pinhead, but as often seen, that can backfire fairly easily.  So Pinhead gets free of the box's control.

Pennywise has the ability of illusion and invisibility, but that's not going to help much when Pinhead starts shotgunning hooked chains all around.  Pinhead would only be able to slow Rex down.  But, he still hooks Rex and pulls the 2 of them back to hell with him. 

While Penny is a portion of an ancient alien force, and Rawhead in a semi-deity, they are on Pinhead's turf.  Whether it is by imprisonment, exposing them to Leviathan, or just continually shredding them, Pinhead wins by default, even if the other 2 are never permanently killed.

Winner- Pinhead
(and remember to add a point for him in the poll)

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This is really tough for me.  I picked Meyers, but geez, this could go any way.  I have no justification for my vote.  I'll just go with the one point for Michael.  I do not think there is a favorite, or clear winner, in this one.

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Pennywise relies on fear so he's out against this group.
Michael is big, evil and nasty but not really a match for denizens of hell.
This leaves Rex vs Pinhead and I have to go with Pinhead for sheer cunning and intellect.

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PS -- Azzie, noted.  I'll be sure to include that extra vote. smile

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Forty minutes or so before the First Semi-Finals and its corresponding Exhibition Match are posted, folks, so get your votes in while you can!

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Voting for this match is officially over.  The results:

Michael Myers: 1 vote
(Ghostie -- sounds like you're going with your gut.  Not everything can be easily explained, and your honesty "justifies" why I'm "justifying" your vote. smile )
Justified Votes: 1 x 5 pts each = 5 pts
Total pts: 5

Pennywise: 0 votes

Pinhead: 3 + 1 write-in = 4 Votes
Justified votes: 4 x 5 pts each = 20 pts
Total pts: 20

Rawhead Rex: 0 Votes


Thanks to all those who participated.  Keep an eye out for the First Semi-Finals Match and its corresponding Exhibition Match, both of which will be up shortly. smile

How I'd break this one down:

The Shape might get a couple decent licks in -- in fact, I think he'd actually take Pennywise out because he has no fear for Pennywise to manipulate -- but he wouldn't last much longer than that.  Pinhead would rip him to shreds with his hooks, and Rawhead's just too physically powerful for MM to overcome.

Rawhead Rex: being a demon from hell, obviously he's eternal.  BUT, he CAN be defeated in battle and banished back to hell.  And I think Pinhead could do that -- particularly since PH isn't just a demon from hell, he's the lord of an entire realm in hell.  He could banish RR back to hell and keep him there, enjoying the tasty suffering he gets to spend an eternity inflicting on him.

My take: Pinhead wins.