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Welcome to the Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior's 4th Monthly Exhibition Match.  All Exhibition Matches will feature two opposing teams consisting of an equal number of members, typically ranging from 1-4 each.*** 

This month's is a play on the ol' Werewolf vs Vampire idea, as we see...

Also, be sure to vote in the 4th Month's Final Match.

***Standard voting rules apply.  Exhibition Match results will not affect either the weekly or monthly final match results.  They're just for fun, so make sure you have exactly that while racking your brain to pick a winner. smile

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I am voting for the Lycans...They will rip the Vampires to shreds when they change.  A wolf shaped bullet smile

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Part 1)  It's ten to midnight in London. The low lying fog is thick on this night, and the streets are barren. A full moon rises into the clouded night sky.

For numerous centuries two rival clans have been vying for hunting territories. Neither able to gain any leverage. Neither giving in!  The two leaders of the clans have called for a meeting. One that will finally settle the age old dispute. They have agreed to settle their differences by staging a battle at a neutral location.  A six block quadrant has been selected, and the contestants are confined to battle in only that area. Two of their own will be selected for a fight to the death. Whom ever survives the battle, gains the right for their respected clan, to the disputed hunting territories, for all eternity. The loser having to find other territories to feed. Sworn never to return. The stage is set. The clans have selected their mightiest.

The stakes are high!  There are no rules!  At opposite sides of the quadrant, the four flesh & blood hunters await Big Ben to strikes it's twelfth ring. The battle begins;

The Werewolf's decidedly stick together. Their kind have always felt more confident hunting in packs, even if there are only two on this occasion: It's a Lupus thing  big_smile.  Their tactic is to stay on the ground, use their sensitive sense of smell to assist them locating their nemesis, and their supernatural ferocity and strength, to ultimately over power their sworn enemy. They are hoping to confront the vampires singularly. 

The Vampires are confident. For centuries they have fed upon hundreds of innocent victims. Able to seduce women with a simple hypnotic gaze of their eyes, into willingly giving their blood. Men have also been a simple enough task. The strength of a Vampire is no match, even for the stronger of the gender. Tonight, the goal of the hunt is not to feed. The prize not being the ever sweet taste of warm blood to fulfill their needs. The two Vampires separate to adjacent roofs above the alley ways. Patiently, silently, awaiting.

To be continued...

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Environment is going to be a big factor in this one.  If it's daytime and the wolves can get the vamps into the sunlight, game over.  If it's not near the full moon and at night, game over.  So let's just go with both groups working at full strength.

Dandy Dandridge fires a silver bullet straight to the head Kessler, dropping him.  Turning on Fast Eddie who is charging Dandridge fires again, forgetting he only loaded 1 (one) silver bullet.  For his mistake, he quickly loses his head, 3 limbs, and has his heart eaten.  "Burp."

Drac, kind of pissed off that his Blood Buddy© is now in pieces, whacks Ed over the head with his cane.  Which, of course, does nothing, but Dracula does quip, "Too bad I didn't have a rolled-up newspaper, you pup!"  As the Mangy Furball (no, not HM's furball) lunges at Dapper Drac, the vampire mistifies, literally.  Quick Quist goes straight through the mist and bonks his head on a wall.  Slightly shaken, but not stirred, he spins around to be impaled by Don Dracula's cane.  Painful, but not deadly, Ed snaps the cane in half, rips the shard out of his body and plunges it into Dead Drac's heart.  Poof into ashes.

Winner- The Wolfy boys, but with only Eddie surviving.

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I think lycans are stronger and more powerful.  However, they are fairly direct...and may stalk a bit, but mostly will come right at you.  They are not able to take advantage of any of the vampires weaknesses. 

Vampires are also powerful, but they poses intelligence beyond the wolves capability.  Especially Dracula and Dandridge...two vampires with a long history.

I pick Dracula and Dandridge to tear apart the lycans.  I think vampires will beat lycans 8 out of 10 times at least.

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Part 2)    The full moon is at it's peak. It's brightness illuminates the night scape. The Werewolves stalk their prey. They aren't used to hiding in the shadows, or fog laden alleys. But, tonight they are hunting a different kind of prey. Vampires! The darkness of the shadows will give them extra coverage. They use it to their advantage.

It's 12:15: The Vampires remain perched high above on the rooftops. Beginning to feel a bit restless, Jerry, the younger of the two Vampires, decides to scour the area. " I'll be back soon enuf. I want to take a look on the South side of the building. I think I might have heard something?" Eddie is lying! He never heard anything, or even thought he may have. He is simply becoming anxious, impatient, and bored. Youth tends to have that effect on everyone, and everything.

Jerry, makes his way to the other side of the roof. Spies the streets and alleys. He sees, nor hears anything out of the ordinary, except for a stray cat prowling in the darkness, looking for a meal. Eddie feels a slight pang in his stomach. He realizes it's been a while since he's fed. His hunger for blood over comes him. He decides to feed. Jumping down from the roof top, landing silently onto the brick street, snatching up the cat in one motion. His fangs sink deep into his his prey. Time momentarily stops, as the salty-sweet taste of blood flows into the mouth of the Vampire. Jerry wipes his red glistening lips. Then decides he should get back on the roof. Just as he begins to spring up. He is attacked! 

One of the Werewolves has surprised him. A deep laceration to the chest begins to trickle blood. The Vampire scoffs ate the Werewolf. The Werewolf that attacked, stands proud in front of him. Jerry, beckons the Werewolf to again attack. " The bloody wound on my chest is but a reminder of the hate my kind has for you dogged beasts. Strike again foul one! Prove to me this night, that you have the ability to kill one as mighty as myself!!  Here I stand, unafraid, unflinching."  The Werewolf rears up it's head into the sky, bays at the full moon, then stares down the Vampire.  " If you will not come to me? I shall then come to you!" As the Vampire readies himself to confront the Werewolf. He is again attacked. This time on the back of the Vampire. A large amount of flesh is torn away from the bone. Not by the one who struck him first though. But by the other Werewolf, who had been hiding in the shadows.

The two Werewolves begin circling their enemy. One Werewolf then leaps at the wounded Vampire, but is batted away. The other awaits a split second to attack. When it does. It goes for the juggler vein, and misses. Striking nothing but air. The Vampire, although wounded, still is fast enough to feign away from the lethal claws. The Vampire backs into a wall, so as the Werewolves will not be able to again surround him. The wounds inflicted are but superficial for a Vampire. The Vampire steadies himself for another attack.

The Werewolves blood lust is evident. Simultaneously they strike. One going for the lower extremities of the body, the other for the throat. Back and forth blows are exchanged. Blood flies plentiful from all. The battle rages on. One of the Werewolves is flung a good fifty feet into the street. Not by the nearly broken younger Vampire, but by the elder one, who goes by the name of Dracula. Dracula seizes the other Werewolf by it's throat. Squeezing it's neck. Then with a snap of his wrist. Breaks the neck of one of the Werewolf's. And slams it's lifeless body to the ground. The remaining werewolf is only slightly wounded. It charges, then leaps, at the wounded Vampire. Dracula steps back. Allowing the younger Vampire to prove his worth. Giving him the pleasure of taking the life of the their final foe. The younger Vampire grabs the body of the Werewolf. Lays it's fangs into the neck, and then Snaps it's back like a twig.

Winner: The Vampires

Werewolves are powerful, cunning, ferocious, and deadly. Their abilities to hunt down their prey are well known, and admired.

Vampires are also powerful creatures. Not easily weakened.  Not easily hurt. Not easily beaten. Their weaknesses are few.

Between the two creatures of the night: I think the Vampires would win every time in a battle.

Why? Both creatures are about even in power, but not in intelligence nor weakness'. The WW's were only able to inflict flesh wounds to the Vampires. A Vampire would have to be staked through the heart by the WW's to kill it. That's not very feasible. The Vampires were cunning/smart enough to stage the battle in the night. Dis-allowing the WW's to shape shift to human form. So as to not be able to hold a stake. Once the Vampires got a hold of the WW's. They were easily disposed of.

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Forty minutes or so before the First Semi-Finals and its corresponding Exhibition Match are posted, folks, so get your votes in while you can!

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Voting for this match is now officially over.  The results:

David Kessler and Eddie Quist: 2 votes
Justified Votes: 2 x 5 pts each = 10 pts
Total pts: 10

Dracula and Jerry Dandridge: 3 votes
Justified Votes: 2 x 5 pts each = 10 pts
Non-justified votes: 1 x 1 pt each = 1 pt
Total pts: 11

WINNERS: Dracula and Jerry Dandridge.

Keep an eye out for our very first Semi-Finals match as well as its corresponding Exhibition Match, both of which will be up shortly.  And thanks to all those who participated.

How I'd break it down:

I think the real decider in this match would be Eddie Quist.  David Kessler's werewolf was not a traditional lycanthrope; he was killed by plain ol' police bullets, no silver involved.  While certainly ferocious in wolf form, I'm not sure he could have done any real damage to either Dandridge or Drac.

Quist, though, was a traditional werewolf.  He could only die by a silver bullet, and I seriously doubt either Dandridge or Drac tended to keep one handy.  However, with both Dandridge and Drac being traditional vampires, they also had the traditional vampire weaknesses, one of which would be susceptibility to decapitation.  I'm sure we've all heard about how if you cut off the vamp's head and bury it in a different location than his body, that ain't something he's gonna get back up from any time soon.

The question is, could Quist (going on the notion that these are first meetings, each opponent having no previous knowledge of the other) figure out the decap trick before the vamps rip him to shreds?  But then even if they do rip him to shreds, he'll just heal up and come back at them.  I think in time, considering Quist's obvious deviousness as displayed in The Howling, he'd eventually figure it out.  Could be in that first battle or fifty battles later.  But I think eventually Quist would get the upper hand.

So I'm with Azzie on this one: the wolves win, though Quist will lose his teammate.  My two cents.