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Nice work man! Love the illustrations

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Checked it out, nice stuff.  Gave it a Like for the heck of it.

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Thanks both, it started out as a short film for Halloween which you can check out below. It was fun to do, filmmaking is my passion and I hope to make a feature from it someday smile

Creepy Scarlett - an introduction

keep an eye out for the exclusive review of the comic book on the main website!

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You posted this here a while ago, right?  No wonder the name sounded familiar!

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Yeah I posted the short at Halloween to an underwhelming response lol

But I knew I had a good idea so I stuck with it and have been busy since producing the comic smile

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Creepy Scarlett issue #1 is now on sale from indyplanet. The digital download version should be available soon.

I don't want to get in trouble so here is the link to Indyplanet and you just have to search Creepy Scarlett


I hope you will like it, it's my first comic and issue #2 is going to be an improvement. I wanted to do a 40 page comic but I didn't have the money so the stories are in two parts.

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