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how is everyone this fine evenin'.

Our sci-fi time travel western is done and submitted to the You Tube short film contest. Voting starts June 1.

We had nothing more than a Canon 7D, a hand held sound recorder and a shop light for equipment.

All actors were given 24 hour notice, the script was written in 3 hours and we filmed everything in one day. Check it out and hope ya like it! … ature=mhee

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wow, no comments? did anyone watch it? gimme some feedback people!

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Nice work Lee!   Hmmm...that saloon looks vaguely familiar. 

Loved the challenger at the end.

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I liked the first several minutes of it, the set-up, the guy showing up in the bar, the little bit of tension there with the poker players.  But I think you jumped too quickly to the time travel thing.  Once you cut to the guys fixing the white caddie, if you hadn't included in the description it was about a mechanic and time travel I don't think it would have been clear exactly what's going on.  Also, some of the dialogue is hard to make out.

That aside, I'm a fan of Guntown and this is the same location, yes?  It has an authentic old-west feel, the costumes are pretty much spot-on and your actors do a good job (though again, some of the dialogue is a strain to hear).  Keeping in mind this was conceived and shot in 24 hours, I think you've got something here which could be fleshed out to feature length.  Expand the set-up, and drop some hints here and there referring to time travel before actually showing something so modern in the old west setting, and I think you could really have something here.

My two cents.  Take 'em for what their worth, which is about two cents. lol

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thanks ya'll. Yes, Loud, you are correct. We missed a few shots and some dialogue was missing because one of my actors had to leave and did so without my knowledge. The dialogue was sketchy because of the hand held sound recorder being operated by a teenager, lol. He jumped in there though. We did what we could in 24 hours, lol.

So, it is what it is!