Topic: NCAA basketball tournament

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  MLB opening day is just a few wks away, and the NCAA basketball tournament is already upon us.

So, with thats said: Who do you have in your final four, and so on?

My final four picks are-
Kentucky, N.C., Marquette, Syracuse

My championship match-
Kentucky vs N.C.


Re: NCAA basketball tournament

Kentucky, MSU, OSU, Temple (oops!).  Better substitute NC for Temple, lol .

MSU take the trophy.

[Interesting side note, my dad went to Lehigh, so he picked them.  He was a happy man Friday.  Also, I use Yahoo's tourney thing for the family, and I stick a couple of the monkeys in with the random pick generator- one picked Lehigh & Norfolk, but had Belmont(!) winning it all, ha!]

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Re: NCAA basketball tournament

Well, I'm toast.  In my family, I'm behind 2 monkeys that did random pics, and my mom & dad.  My dad who picked Lehigh to go to the Final Four just because he went to school there.  My mom who picks teams half the time by their name ("I like Xavier and Gonzaga, the have cool names.").

Though I guess I'm doing better than Vampy, she filled out 2 brackets, one of her own and one for her monkey, and her monkey is doing better than Vamps.  lol