Topic: Lemarchand's Box (the teaser trailer to a film that never got made)

So here's the convoluted story behind this video.

I'm a huge "Hellraiser" fan and one week I was getting the itch to shoot something, anything. I'd been trying to work on a video project for a while but nothing was happening, so I grabbed my camera, my plastic Lament Configuration and did the simplest form of film making there is, stop motion animation.

It's simple, but it's time consuming.

So I make the short, thinking thats it, I've done what I've set out to do, I've made a short video of the box turning.

Then I start getting messages on facebook asking when the rest of the film is coming, so I spring into action, write a script and then nothing happens because the person I had in mind for the lead disappears and I just don't have the tech/people to complete the project, so as it stands, this "Teaser" is all there is.

The special effects are all post production stuff I did with the computer to dress up the video/hide the fact that I literally shot this thing with no concern for proper lighting or anything else.

So that's it.  There are a few other videos on my youtube account (most of them pertaining to the "In search of" project my friends and I did some time ago) but this is the only actual horror related one.

I keep thinking I might try and get the actual short made, but I've got several other scripts that I'm much more passionate about getting done than this one.