Topic: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

This week's throwdown...

A super-psycho kidnapper with a possessive streak that would put Gary Heidnik to shame bashes heads with the original, and horrordom's most beloved, Final Girl.  Who wins?  Cast your votes!

Please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

No contest for me, really.  Annie only was in charge because Stephen King, I mean Paul Sheldon, is already beat down.  Lori survived one of the most unstoppable killers how many times?  She is seasoned, Annie is just a lucky nutball (lucky in the sense her obsession landed in her lap twisted up like a pretzel).

Winner- Lori

Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

In creating these images I've become embarrassingly aware that I've chosen the wrong wording for the "Tale of the Tape" bits.  I don't think "Abilities" is the right word.  After all, some characters' abilities include "homicidal maniac," and being a homicidal maniac isn't an ability LOL 

So, I think that starting next week it'll read "Traits" instead of "Abilities."

Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

Eh, a minor thing.  Do the change, don't worry about the past stuff.  Really, anyone could be a 'homicidal maniac,' but how many are good enough at it to get put into a movie?  Or am I kinda over-thinking this a bit too much... lol

Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

Yeah, I'm with the Monkey Boy.  Annie is a nutjob, but her beef is with Paul Sheldon, not Lori or anyone else.  Lori on the other hand, has managed to survive repeated assults from her superhuman assaliant.  Her will to survive will outlast a mortal sledgehammer wielding stalker.

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If I were to pretend that Annie was obsessed with Laurie instead of Paul Sheldon...

I think that the outcome of the fight would be very different.  I think Annie would be able to trick Laurie into trusting her and then sedate her and tie her to a bed. 

So I am going to vote for Annie Wilkes on this one smile

Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

Part 1)  Oh my God...I can't believe I'm actually talking to you. I can't wait to tell all my friends that I met the beautiful, bad-ass, Lori Strode. I'm your biggest fan!! I've seen all your movies at least a dozen times and own them all too. Can I get a autograph, and a picture with you...pretty please?  "Sure, it would be my pleasure. Especially you being my biggest fan."  I drove over 500 miles just to meet you. I've been saving money for over a year now so I could be here at this convention. I even slept in my car last night, just so I could afford to buy a 3 day pass. Ohhh...I can't believe how lucky I am!  Your even prettier in real life, don't ya know. Could you make the autograph out to * my #1 fan, Annie Wilkes?* And, if it's not asking too much.. can I take two pictures with you now?  "Ummm, I don't know, Annie. There are a lot of other fans in line who are also waiting for autographs. I wouldn't want to take up too much time."  Please, oh please, please, please... They won't mind. I'm sure of it. You wouldn't want to disappoint your biggest fan, right?  " Well, I guess your right."  Oh, and one more teeny, tiny request. After the shows over tonight. Can we have dinner together? I saved money for that too! I know you love Indian food. Your favorite color is mauve. You have a soft spot for classic silent movies. Hell, I know just about everything there is to know about you, Lori.  "Wow Annie, that's actually kind of creepy, to tell you the truth."  * Lori's agent walks up behind her and whispers something in her ear*  " Annie, I've taken up a lot of time already talking to you, and my other fans are starting to complain, as you can probably hear. I'm sorry, but I won't be able to take a picture with you. I will though sign your poster. As, for dinner. I can't. I'm sorry, but I have other plans."  What...but I'm your biggest fan, Lori. To be honest with you. I actually quit my job to be here. My boss wouldn't let me have the time off, so I just quit. All for you, Lori. All for you!! Now, how about that picture. " Sorry, but NO!"  Well, I just can't believe this. You fucking little bitch! I'm your biggest fan, I quit my job to be here, and all I ask for is a picture or two with you.  "I've taken up wayyy too much time already talking. Let me sign your poster now."  I don't want your autograph anymore!  * Lori's agent steps in between Lori and Annie, and not so politely, asks Annie to leave.  Annie, enraged, spits at Lori, then turns and walks away. But, as she walks away, in tears; Annie rips up her poster of Lori, and begins stomping on it.  " You'll be sorry, Lori...oh' you'll be sooo sorry for treating your biggest fan so horribly!  Just you wait!!  " Damn, George. Thanks for stepping in. I hate to lose a fan, but something tells me that woman is... a bit off her rocker."  Lori's agent replies, "don't worry your lil head, Lori. You have way too many fans out there to worry about just one, and I'm sure she'll cool off in a bit. And, I'm sure she's harmless. Now get back to the booth and make your fans happy, o.k..."

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Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

lol  UD....loved it smile

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Laurie is the surviver girl, she stared death in the face and came out alive against Mike Meyers. Annie, as crazyI as sheI is, if we take a look at her history, ended up defeated by a beaten and battered Paul Sheldon. On the other hand, if I had to choose who is more deadly it would easily be Annie. But in a battle to the death I think Laurie would come out a surviver because of her obvious strong will to survive. It will be quite a struggle but she will, beaten, broken and scared, survive once again.

Winner: Laurie Strode

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Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

One more day to get your votes in, folks. smile

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Part 2)      " What a long day it's been, George. I've got blisters on my fingers from signing so many autographs this wk end. I'm gonna grab a bite to eat, then head back to my hotel room and take a long-hot shower. I'll call you in the morning."   o.k... Need a lift to your room?  " No, I'm going to walk. It's only a few blocks away, and I could use the fresh air."  See you in the morning then. 

* On her way to her hotel, a car pulls up from the street.*  Excuse me...I'm not from around here. Do you know where?... Lori, is that you?   " Yea, do I know you??"  Why, sure you do. It's me..your #1 fan, Annie.  " Ummm..hi."  I was just going to get a bite to eat. Wanna join me?  " No, but thanks anyway!"   Awww...come on. You must be hungry after a long days work. I know a cafe about a block or two from here. They're open all night. They serve a wonderful bacon-avocado burger. And I know you love bacon-avocado burgers, Lori.  Lori, I'm reallyyy sorry about that fit I threw at the convention, yesterday. Not sure what came over me? Please let me make it up to you?   " It's o.k. Annie. All right. I'll join you."  Jump in, Lori!

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Part 3)   * Lori awakens tied to a chair, in a concrete room*  "What the fuck... where the hell am I? Hello.... anyone there??  If this is some kind of a joke. I'm not laughing!"  * Annie walks in*  Why hello, Lori. You don't look so well. Can I get you some aspirin? Oh' that's right, your allergic to aspirin, deary. Ya see Lori, it's like this. I have been your biggest fan since I watched your first movie. I've not just seen all your movies, but also read everything about you. I've even fantasized I was you, and it felt sooo good, being in your shoes. Your PERFECT, Lori!! Your everything I want to be, and more. But Lori, I must say. I was wrong. After meeting you. I've changed my opinion. Your not perfect. How sad! As much as I wanted you to be perfect. I now know I was disillusioned. So now that you've crushed my dreams, and hopes of us being friends: I have to kill you Lori!

" Annie...your right. I'm not perfect. I'm just like you, Annie. A normal girl. I'm sorry I treated you bad. I'm sorry I didn't accept your dinner invitation. I really am, Annie. And, you know what, Annie? We still can be friends. Now will you just untie me, and we can forget this whole thing happened? Please, Annie. Please be my friend! Can we just start over?"   How do I know your not just saying this? I don't think I can trust you, Lori. I want to, but I don't think I can?  " Annie, you can trust me. I'll tell you what, Annie. I'm gonna tell you a secret, something I've never, ever told anyone, EVER!  I've never had a true friend. Since I was a kid, my mom has been grooming me to be " A Star."  And, with all that came acting classes, singing classes, and audition after audition. Never any time to build a real relationship with anyone. Annie, I need a friend, and I think your that person. Please forgive me, Annie!!"   If I do untie me, do you promise not to tell anyone about this? Do you promise never to leave me? Do you promise to be my best friend, Lori?   " I do, Annie. I swear to you!  * Annie unties, Lori*  " Thank you. Annie, come give me a hug now. *Annie pulls out a knife she always carries, hidden in her boot, and repeatedly stabs Annie, to death*  " One thing I learned about being famous was; to always be wary of stalking fans!"

Lori gives a Oscar winning performance, one that ends up saving her life.
As for Annie? Way too gullible, and is a classic example of people who suffer from obsessive love, especially when it's some one who's tangled with Michael Myers smile

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Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

^^^ Nice, Undie.  One of your best fight stories yet; love how you made Lori Strode a famous actress in order to supply a rational explanation for how these two characters would cross paths.  Well done!

Now, down to business.  Voting is now over.  The results:

Lori Strode - 5 Total Votes
Justified votes: 4 x 5pts each = 20 pts
Non-justified votes: 1 x 1 pt each = 1 pt
Total pts: 21

Annie Wilkes: 1 Vote, Justified, x 5pts = 5 pts


How I'd break it down:

Lori's dealt with Michael Myers and survived, but Michael Myers is a different kind of killer than Annie Wilkes.  He's pure brute force with a one-track mind.  Annie is savvier, more crafty than that.  She doesn't look like a killer, she doesn't talk like a killer, she doesn't act like a killer.  As such, her murderous side sneaks up on you.  You never know you're in trouble with her until it's too late -- and by then she's readying up a sledgehammer to shatter your ankles or racking her shotgun to blast you in the chest.

Lori has proven herself resourceful against Michael Myers, but with Annie she wouldn't even be aware she was in the presence of a killer to begin with.  And by the time she does, I said, it would be too late.   

My take:  Annie for the win.

Thanks to all who participated.  Look for Ladies Month Week 3, which will be up directly. smile

Re: POLL: DHMW "LADIES MONTH" Week 2 (Round 22)

^ Gracias, amigo.

I was in a hurry finishing up the story, so I went back and did a bit of editing.

My take on why I gave the win to Lori? Annie really believes that the person she's obsessed with, and kidnaps, will eventually befriend, like/love her, in due time.  And will forgive her for her criminal behavior. Not!

Lori on the other hand, has dealt with the ultimate stalker.  Michael Myers! I think we could say "Michael could be labeled as a stalker??"  And, despite Annie looking innocent. Lori is always weary of any stranger(s).