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Today has been a really slow day for news but I did manage to find out that Black Devil Doll now has some theme music. Since our last report they have also added a new still from the film that I have to say is pretty damn funny. A smoking dummy?! Do ...

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I caught this a couple days ago off Myspace.  Fucking awesome!  The theme is in pure reminiscence of old 70's blaxploitation films.  I love it.

The pics are great too.  This is, by far, my most anticipated film.  I can't wait.

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Re: Black Devil Doll Theme and Pic

I did like this piece of music. I haven't seen a single blaxpoitation film in full. Seen bits of Shaft and one or two other films from this genre but that's it. This piece of music definitely reminds me of blaxpoitation films.

Did I read right in a previous article here that a soundtrack for the film will be released?