Topic: HELLVETICA Trailer (new indie horror short)

From the twisted mind of Kalen Artinian comes...


One day Simon, a down on his luck writer realizes he must write what he knows  --- THE TRAILER, coming soon to a town near you.

(have a blog? want to do a screening? contact for your advanced copy)

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I'm just going to shut my trap.

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? all i saw was the edit.

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It wasn't for you Mr_S, it was for some other members here.  There are bloggers and podcasters here, but it wasn't my place to name names.

As for the trailer, it shows the base idea, but doesn't provide much in the way of showing what kind of film it is.  All I got is that the writer is going to do something freaky so he can write horror better.  Just too vague for my tastes.  A hint of whether it's going to be psychological, thriller, action, combo... something to let me know what I'm getting into.  I'm not saying go the route where the entire plot is revealed in the trailer (which is oh so popular nowadays), but something more than me expecting a bunch of friends sitting around for 90 minutes just talking about how this guy can't write would be nice.

Not sure if I explained that very well. sad