Topic: zombie film...can you dig it?

love zombie films.  getting a bit oversaturated with them at the moment, but at least it spurns creativity to make something new and different.  shake things up a bit.  we'll see what happens. 

shot my own take on the zombie subgenre right here.  check it out.  let me know your thoughts.  i  had six hours, a light bulb and no money but me's think you might like it nonetheless.


do we need to step away from this subgenre or say to hell with it and push the pedal to the metal?

Re: zombie film...can you dig it?

I enjoyed that!  Great job.  Did you make any more?  I'd really like to see them!  I made a couple videos myself if your interested.  Just look up Psycho Hiker on YouTube.  Keep up the great work!  Look forward to seeing some more videos.

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Re: zombie film...can you dig it?

I'm trying to find some good zombie films at the moment.
I just feel like I've seen all the good ones and that's it... sad