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Since the draft is today, I open the official (monkey sanctioned) NFL 2012 thread.

My guess for today is that the Philly Eagles will completely screw up their first pick.  Like usual.  sad

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Not the NFL, but thought it interesting. Read this on yahoo...

The USFL is back in business.

Well, almost.

A reincarnation of the league, with an entirely different business model, plans to kick off in March. On Thursday, it included Hall of Fame receiver Fred Biletnikoff among its advisers.

Biletnikoff will consult on football operations for the league, which originally went out of business in 1987 after losing millions of dollars and, despite winning a lawsuit against the NFL, being awarded just $3 in indemnities. That version unwisely chose to challenge the NFL, while this one will be more of a developmental league.

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Lots of people complain about how college football exploits the students.  Baseball has the minors, NBA has the D-league, so it would be nice if the NFL would develop this into the same type of deal.  I personally think that 18 & 19 year olds are not physically developed enough to go to the NFL straight out of high school, but this could be a secondary route to the pros.

Also smart to to counter-schedule vs. the NFL.  The Arena League does OK playing in the spring, but it's too much of a gimmick to really ever be popular.  Having a something that would be a true developmental league would good- players that are not quite ready for the NFL and real coaches for them.  Of course, it will fail because the idea is too good.

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I'm actually flying to the US this year to see a home game at the Georgia Dome big_smile It's gonna be my 30th Birthday present from my parents. I'm sooooo excited! Hopefully I can catch a NHL match while I'm over there too