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This is a funny movie that  I just bought on dvd and watched last night that came out in 2005 called Just Friends.

It has a good cast in it with Anna Faris(from Scary Movie), Amy Smart(from Varsity Blues), Ryan Reynolds(from Blade: Trinity), and Chris Klein(from American Pie).

It's a guy and girl who grew up together and were best friends all through highschool. Well the guy wanted to be more than friends with her but he was very fat. Well now 10 years have gone by and all the weight is gone and he's a big time music executive in Hoillywood and gets all the women but he still wants his one true love.

This film is hilarious in parts and Reynolds is great in it like he was in the film Waiting. His character and his younger brother beat the crap outta each other throughout the film.

This one scene was funny when he's home for X-mas and brings in the supposedly new girl music star with him and his younger brother has her poster on his wall and he says:

"I spanked the ham to it about an hour ago"

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This is actually one of those movies that i can simply watch over and over again and i would still be laughing my head off. I love every second of this movie. But the one that i think is a tad more hilarious is Grandma's Boy. If you haven't seen it, see it NOW. It's a must.

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I love how in this film the 2 brothers are always beating each other up or should I say how the older brother beats the crap outta the younger one.

Like in that one scene where Reynolds is on the phone with Amy Smart and the younger brother gets on the phone and makes fun of him and then Reynolds tells her he'll be right back and you hear him running up the stairs and then the younger brother screams and shuts the door. And then a few moments later after he gets off teh phone he kicks in the door and tackles his brother, lol.:lol:

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I think the best involves the 2 brothers keep on fighting eachother. It's just to bad that they didn't show more of the brothers fighting. And the funny thing with that scene, while the brother is screaming, he says "Mom!" But man! Those brothers are the best duo. They should make a sequel or release another edition and have more scenes where the brothers are fighting eachother or have the fight scenes extended. You know how great that would be.

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Also, Anna Faris keeps grabbing Reynolds in the nuts during the whole film and that scene when she shot that electric taser gun at his nuts and eletrocuted him was hilarious.

The brothers fighting was great.

Also, the scene where Reynolds is pissed that Faris is drugged up and says he's gonna kill his brother and the younger one slaps him and turns to run and Reynolds gives him a wedgie and he rips off his underwear through his pants and it shows brown stains was great.

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LOL oh i know. Or that same scene when Anna Faris is drugged up and all of a sudden you see her eatting toothpaste. "Blueberry!" Or the scene when Reynolds is trying to play hockey.

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I'd rather boink Anna Farris in this film than Amy Smart.:P