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so kinda like dirtygirl's but for the summer since I got way behind on the 365 I am going to do it for this summer the next 3 months I will watch as many movies as I can. Some Horror some not. You can join if you want.  I think it will be fun.

May 2nd- I started off watching Paranormal Activity 2 5/10  I am really on the fence about this one I'm not sure if I like it or not it was my second time watching it. I want to like it but I just don't know

May 3rd-Red State 4/10 this one wasn't bad not great but very Tarantino way different from any of Kevin Smiths other movies. Check it out if you like over zealous religious people.

Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps 4/10 I liked the first one better. I don't understand stocks but Shia was hot lol and I love Michal Douglass the first one was better in my opinion.

Autopsy 6/10 this is one of the After Dark horrorfests  8 films to die for. I like it okay its kinda silly and the ending leaves alot to be desired but I would watch it again

Zookeeper 7/10 very cute,funny kinda stupid at parts but adorable if you have young children

Slaughter 8/10 another on of the Afterdark horror fest I love this one though the ending makes me sad. Give it a watch

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If you add a rating it could help people decide if they want to check out the movie(s).

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Good idea! thanks love smile

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May 4th- Midnight In Paris 7/10 this one was interesting I liked that they were trying to portray the writers, painters and other famous people from the 20's. Can be boring at times but all in all not bad.

The Adjustment Bureau 8/10 loved this movie! Love Emily Blunt. The story was great definitely check it out!

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That cover reminds me of the Doctor Who episode with "Van Goof".  Really good one.

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May 5th-Cedar Rapids 2/10 terrible, boring, annoying and kinda gross. I didnt enjoy it at all 2 hours I will never get back.

Gulliver's Travels 3/10 they had a chance to make something wonderful and made it retarded. The original story was good. but this this dissapointed me.

The Broken 3/10 anyone wanna explain this movie to me? cause I didn't get it....

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May 6th-Rio 5/10 cute if you like birds. Or if you have children

Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations 8/10 another one of the Afterdark Horrorfests 8 films to die for I love this movie I love the whole idea of it. I think its one of my favorites from that year.

Bad Teacher 3/10 really? this movie pissed me off the only good thing about it is Jason Segal and his sarcasm in said movie.

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Awesome Revenge!   That will be a fun summer smile

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May 8th-Mcgruber 2/10 I really thought this movie was silly. My aunt loved it though

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^^^ Yeah, I heard so many great things about that flick but when I watched it, I don't think I laughed but maybe once or twice, and each time it was more a weak chuckle than a laugh.  Some SNL characters can carry a whole feature length movie, some of them are only enjoyable one three-minute sketch at a time.  McGruber's one of the latter.

I'd love to see Bill Hader do a Stefon feature film, though.  That character cracks me right the hell up.

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May 9th- PostGrad 10/10 I loved this movie, but it also terrified me about my future in the job market.

Wolf Town 4/10 watched this one with the lover boy he insisted not a bad movie just it could have been better. Enjoyed being with him though.

Nightmare man 3/10 one of the worst from the 8 films to die for 2nd year but amusing

Love & Other Drugs 5/10 sad love Jake Gellanhal though

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May 10th- Ides of March 2/10  only got 2 points because Clooney and Gosling are hot. I am not into politics some of this stuff went over my head. mostly I was very bored.

Arthur 9/10 I love this movie I thought it to be funny and slightly sad

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May 11th- Hop 6/10 really cute for what it is good enough for me to say watch it. if you like cute bunnies and Easter once again good if you have children.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 10/10 3rd time for me watching first for my mum, she isnt one for horror movies or anything close to it but she loved this movie so I know if she liked it it must be great! lol

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May 12th- The Raven 8/10 I thought it was really good I love Kusack and Poe so yeah I loved it.

Happy-Go-Lucky 1/10 really bad, boring, annoying. Dont waste your time.

Breakfast Club 10/10 had to rewatch this one it had been a while and I remembered why I love it so! Such a crush on Judd Nelson!

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May 14th-Perkins 14 4/10 another one of the 8 to die for not a favorite of mine.

Dark Shadows 4/10 need a rewatch to decide if I like it.

Ten Inch hero 10/10 one of my all time fave romantic comedies  I love everything about it. I have found not many people know about it though. Very underrated IMO

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May 15th-New Years Eve 7/10 pretty good it was valentines day but on new years. very predictable.

Dying Breed 2/10 3rd time watching actually did a review of this one it can be seen here...if I did this right I do however think this guy is hot lol

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I love this idea revenge, I'd love to join in with you! I guess I'll just start from today/tomorrow, I'll only be watching horror though because action, romance and comedy all make me want to rip my own eyeballs out tongue

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yay!!!! its great fun! nice to have you on board!

May 16th- Jacobs Ladder 10/10 second time watching it and I love it even more the second time. My mom talks about it sometimes she says she couldn't understand it there for didn't like it. I asked her why it was so hard for her to understand she said well I was in my 20s when I watched it. to which I replied I was 19 when I watched it the first time and understood it fine. It is confusing though if you dont pay attention. you should watch it though. I suggest sober...

Sucker Punch 9/10 second time watching it still a favorite of mine. I love Baby Doll

Bubble Boy 4/10 it was okay not a favorite of mine.

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May 17th- Cape Fear (1991)  2/10  I didnt really like it i was bored took me a while to get through it and almost fell asleep a couple of times.

Clerks 6/10 liked the second one alot better. Still love Jay and Silent Bob though

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May 18th- Jumping the Broom 4/10 not anything I would watch again but it wasnt bad for a first watch

Whats Your Number 8/10 I loved it thought it was really cute. I would watch it again.

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May 19th-A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 5/10 not great not awful the first one was better love Niel Patrick Harris though

Passengers 9/10 I love this movie! It always makes me cry though

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Ended up starting on Friday night

May 18th:

The Woman In Black [2012]

It was alright. The jumps came too thick and fast though so they didn't really build any tension or atmosphere at all. I did like how they did the ending, but overall I was a little disappointed. Much preferred the original.


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^^I loved that movie! good to have you join me!

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Looks like an awesome summer so far, Revenge!
I'm glad you enjoyed The Raven, I'm looking forward to watching that one too.
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is another one high on my "to-watch" list.

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Good to join, revenge!

The only problem I have is picking which film to watch next. Sometimes I just need someone to tell me 'Watch this tonight', that would be a lot easier than picking myself lol