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Hi guys,

I work for the german horror site and wanted to do a little special about how other nations see and like german horror.

I know, we Germans are not exactly the best address, when we talk about horror, but are there any films you know and maybe even like (if so: why?)


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I really liked Barricade: Welcome To Hell...Have to be honest i loved it purely for the gore
Dard Divorce..Well played out film with decent acting
Nekromantik 1 & 2
And of course the Violent Shit series because it's hilarious

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Germany has had a rich horror past, with many praiseworthy films, unfortunately thanks to Uwe Boll the new millennium has forgotten Germans can make good horror.

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There are of course the silent and expressionist classics like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu or The Golem in 1915. These were I believe were among the very earliest horror films so German played a major part in the early history of horror. M, also for example was in part Fritz Lang's response the growing threat of Nazism in 1931. Just two years later of course The Nazis did come to power and enacted horrors that were incomprehensible and far worse than anything depicted on screen(Hitler a mere man could be argued as the ultimate monster of the 20th century). I have only seen the 1979 version of Nosferatu but enjoyed it very much and would LOVE to see the 1922 version. As some one who has studied German history from 1915-45 for my GCSE's and A-levels for several years German horror films during this period are very interesting to me and in my view can be argued to reflect the real horror that was unleashed on the german people and the world during this period.

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