Topic: Snuff Film?

I've just uploaded a portion of a film that I feel is going to be very nasty and just plain genius. I made it for my final project in the John Russo Movie Making Program and I'm hoping one day with some funding, I'll get it made.

It's called SNUFF and its just got a lot of potential to be a feature film. I will let you know this budget was extremely low and my crew wasn't always a crew. In other words, I did a lot of the work and I'm proud of what I created.

I'm planning to start a kickstarter project soon, and I'd love support from some fans. I hope you all enjoy this.

Thank you,

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Looks great! If that's what you can do with $500 then I'd love to see what you could do with some funding! Few sound issues but hey it was done with $500! I don't care! I want to see more!!

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Thank you, like I said in the description lack of funds and lack of crew. I had my girlfriend on the boom mic. It has flaws in it but hey its still what it is.

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Raimi started off with a few college mates and a low budget, he's now huge! Gotta start somewhere smile I hope you manage to make it feature length.