Topic: Possible College Tuition Fraud - Need Some Advice!!!

Okay, so I've been taking online classes for almost two years from DeVry Online (and am not anywhere close to getting my degree which is supposed to be a two year degree). I've been looking at my student finance account very closely recently (we really need that tuition refund to take care of my broken glasses and dental work). I've noticed some really strange practices going on there.

1. After my loans and grants were posted I had a negative balance of over $2,700. Which is awesome but seems like they took out an excessive amount of financial aid.
2. After this was posted, the PELL Grant from a different term totally vanished (yes, like magic) from that semester resulting in me owing $1,300.
3. With the new fee that just showed up my $2,700 balance turned into just over $1,300 which led me to believe that the supposed remaining balance was being taken out of this terms refund.
4. Today I logged on and found that now my account says that I OWE the $1,300 and that I have a tuition refund coming to me for $1,600. Also, I noticed that the finances on my account for this term changed to make all the numbers match up nice and neat. There is a section that says REFUND = $2,700 and then TUITION REFUND = $1,600. Weird right?!
5. I looked back at every term that I've been enrolled at DeVry and the TUITION REFUND I've been getting is almost always $1,000 or more less than what the refund was supposed to be.

I really feel like I'm being scammed. Thoughts? And, who could I report this too to find out??

Re: Possible College Tuition Fraud - Need Some Advice!!!

Gotta contact them first (obviously) then you might have to go through the federal grant system and everything. If there's some shady shit going on with the loans and more so the grants you receive if they're government grants then they'll want to know. I had a situation where my loans were cancelled without my knowledge and it wasn't until a long convo with my university that it was resolved.

Re: Possible College Tuition Fraud - Need Some Advice!!!

^^Ah, true. I'll call them in the morning.

I did just notice though, that my Term Charges DON'T add up to what they say it does if you add them up individually.

This Term.
Course Materials - 160.00
Books - 82.73
Service Charge - 40.00
Withdrawel Fee - $25.00
Tuition Charges - 5373.00

It says the Term Charges are 6810.00.

If you add up the charges it only adds up to $5,680.73. All of my Financial Aid adds up too $6,810 and they changed my Term Charges to match the aid amount. This seems extremely shady to me.

I don't think it's just me not understanding what's going on here. I really think they are skimming money. The numbers just don't add up correctly.

Re: Possible College Tuition Fraud - Need Some Advice!!!

ah yes the "hidden charges" aka the i need to take an administrative fee charge. No one knows what an administrative fee is so I just assume it's beer money for the office.

Re: Possible College Tuition Fraud - Need Some Advice!!!

yeah man, it's a scam that's legal.  Just like buying a car and financing it.  They milk you for what they can, and then they milk you more