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This is a Canadian Backwoods slasher type film, somewhat reminiscent of Deliverance and Just Before Dawn. However this is definitely worth checking out, it was very well made, the acting is excellent and there is conflict amount the characters and just enough back story to create emotion. The cinematography really stands out also, there are periods where it gets a bit dull but before ya know it your experiencing some great tense moments and the ending is very good and memorable. I highly recommend this if you haven't seen it yet.

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There was whole thread on this not to long ago, I believe.  Anyway, you won't find a bigger Rituals fan than me. It's easily one of my Top Ten Horrors of all time and side-by-side with My Bloody Valentine as the Best Canadian horror film ever.... shot a couple hours north of me.

Have you seen the Code Red remastered DVD with Lawrence Dane interviews. It's a great DVD and a must have. And as a side note, the mountain man SPFX make-up was by Carl (Friday the 13th Part 2) Fullerton.

Glad to see this film is still making fans.

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Oh, yeah. I just watched it for the first time a few days ago...i'll look the dvd up. This definitely made a fan of me and the f/x were excellent for the time.

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The film also presents a great lesson for film makers, budding or otherwise. If and when you make a road picture or journey film, shoot it (as they did here) basically in order so you can send the actors home one at a time and save big $$$$ and not have to drag folks around and provide them with trailers. LOL. Plus, it makes everything easier for the 1st A.D. breaking the script down, continuity, make-up, wardrobe, you name. You could probably slice 1/3 of the budget off by shooting as they did here.

More importantly, RITUALS teaches us how to write great, meaningful narrative with solid character development. Everything they say (esp. the parts played by Hal Holbrook & Lawrence Dane's ) is pure character that foreshadows every choice and action they make throughout the film up to the very last minute. It is one of the few scripts that can boast not having even one frivolous exchange of dialogue.   It's a brilliantly written character script, something for which it deserves far greater recognition.

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I bought the code red DVD a year ago and watched it and didn't think to much of it, but it started to grow on me as time went on and I watched it again and yes it is a great movie, it builds a very strange and eerie atmosphere. I think it is OOP now but since it just reentry went OOP it should still be around somewhere for a good price. If anyone finds it I recommend it as well.