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Since my last post got deleted because I was mistaken for a onetime linkpost leaver. I'll make my second post a bit more detailed. ^-^

I'm a fan of horror movies, maybe not as big as most of you guys here but I am smile. Seen so many I can't remember most of the titles anymore XD But I'm a media junky I've not only watched many horror movies.

I'm also a fullblood player and because I like boardgames and horror movies I tried to find a nice Horror boardgame but failed. They all were somewhat nice but not what I would call horror. So I started to make my own Horror boardgame, which I combined with some Pen & Paper aspects to create a better horror feeling. I think I did well and it's as close as a boardgame can get to horror, but see for yourself:

It still is in beta state but already a lot fun to play ^-^ It's a bit complex to learn but only for the one mastering the session and when played couple of times it's easy to master it. I'll also make a Video tutorial so it'll be easier to get into, but that will take some time since the rules are not 100% It still needs some fixes here and there. I would say the game is 70 to 80% finished if I dont count the Picture material. It's hell of a work to cut all those Axes and other tools of murder X_X Took me 6 Hours to cut out the damn background for the chain item card.

For those that are too lazy to read the manual:

The game is what you call a dungeon crawler. There are a lot out there but mine has more action ^-^ Players try to survive in a labyrinth full of traps & monsters. The only goal is to survive and escape. Players can freely decide how they accomplish it. Like sacrificing others to get further. It's of course very bloody and I've build it so the gameing fun lasts very long, through a lot of variation possibilities.

Well the rest is up to you, play it and write me big_smile

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I've just finished a MapTools version that can be played online.

The download is on my homepage: (Play)

I'll be mastering sessions over MT. Everyone interested plz visit: General Discussion -> Author mastering sessions with Maptools and write me so I can plan the sessions.
The game can currently be played with up to 9 players including the master.

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This sounds interesting. Ever hear of BoardGameGeek website? A site dedicated to boardgames of all kinds- including some in the Horror genre.