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First off, thanks to TheCreature for starting the "Fun Times on HM" thread; I asked him to do that so I could get some insights to what was important moments to everyone.

I didn't want to make this about me, I wanted to remember the journey we have gone through for the past 3.5 years.  All of you brought up things I totally forgot.

In no special order-
I remember how terrified I was when I first started posting.  Everyone seemed so much more knowledgeable than me.  So what did I do?  Go out and what lots and lots of movies I may have never watched.  I learned at least 60-70% of my knowledge originating from here.

The post wars.  Ha, they were fun.  At first it was who could take the top 5, then the top 10, and then I went crazy and spammed an entire page (General Horror maybe?) with posts (I think that's like 70 or so?).  Somewhere there are screenshots of my hubris.  I was such an ass.

There have been so many awesome troll take downs I can't even count them.  For some reason, perfectly fine members went insane and started attacking other members, or their families.  This is one thing that is so awesome about HM- you follow the prime rule ("Respect") or you are done.  There have been many huge fights about things (Baby_Firefly and Paris Hilton being one), but people kept it respectable.

Going to my first times on here, the one thread which basically resembled a dating/sex thread between some members.  It was oddly fascinating and disturbing at the same time.  This rolls into the "post sexy guys/gals" thread, which was nice to look at, but totally off topic.  The Horror Girls posts were cool, since they were actual actresses, but still seemed to Maxim to me.  But that's just my opinion.

The ToeTag competitions!  All kinds of things would get you bonus ToeTags, and could get you prizes.  (I won 1 or 2)  Then <Macho> came along with his epic "scavenger post game" that would get you 500 TTs if you could answer 5 obscure questions.  (I was the first to win it, BTW)  I believe that lasted for 3 weeks with the post count going over 500 or so. 

On a personal note, the people who have been around for a while know about the various personal problems I've had over the past 3 years.  And all of you were rock solid support for me.  Even when I had my huge freakout that one time, you supported me.  I can't say enough how much all your support has meant to me.  I consider you my friends.

And one of my own inventions- the Movie Night.  (podcasts for most of them are available off my website if you're interested)  Our first was to take on our own AceOfSpades "Gun Town," and did I rip into him!  I later personally apologized to him, and he was good enough to say, "Nah, I deserved it."  Great man, needs more funding.

I saw HQ said something about Horrorfest.  I swear, getting that thing ready almost drove me insane.  I dealt with 4 people grading films, at least 3 substitute moderators for when I had to sleep, and a million other details.  But, yeah, it was damn fun.  People were popping in and out for the full 90 hours, and we ended on a nice mini-"Halloween" fest.

And yes, I'm planning on doing another one this year.  big_smile

As for the 5 year HM anniversary, I'd be willing to set that up, too.  Just let me know when it is so I have time to coordinate with some help.

To finish this off, I'd like to thank everyone for their support over the years.  The young bloods need to keep this site going, and I think they are doing a fine job.   You're a fantastic group, and I'm honored that I'm a member of this forum.


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You are one of the reasons I love this site!  Whenever I had any concerns, I would ask you first  smile   I always enjoy talking to you during Movie Nights and BTW...when is the next one? 

Some personal favourite times on this site would be the Toe Tag Games (which we should start up again), The Guess the picture Thread (what happened to that one?), and the last movie I watched thread (I love to see what people are watching!)

I was a Horror Freak before I found this site, but I learned the most about movies from Deadhorse, Lon, and Azz over the past few years.  So thanks guys for turning me on to new movies I had never seen before. 

Come to think of it, I think I found this site through the Fangoria Forums (which I believe are long gone)  I used to check their "chopping List"  regularly and somehow found their forums.  I think there were some members from HM posting there and that lead me here! 

So thanks everyone for a great forum with lots of talented, knowledgeable,  and friendly folks!

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Classy post Azz! I'm glad you decided to do something special with your 20,000th. I know it was probably driving you crazy not posting for a few days, but I'm glad you took the time to come up with ideas for this thread.  So many awesome memories included here!!

I also just wanna say that I completely agree with Azzy and DG on the knowledge aspect of this place, I've learned SO much about movies by posting with everyone and talking horror. This forum truly helped me out by turning me on to awesome classics that I've never seen before, as well as some newer horror movies that will turn out to be classics given another 10, 15 years. HM is a HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE!! And the best part - people don't just take and go, they give back too, which also keeps this forum kicking.

And OH, new Halloween Fest this year???  YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! big_smile


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Az this was a great use of your 20,000 post, and you are right it is really intimidating to start posting on here but everyone helps everyone out, fun is had, and a lot of knowledge about everything especially horror movies is shared and spread through the great people here. So Az congrats to your 20,000 post and 20,000 more buddy big_smile

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* Applause... standing ovation *      Azzy, my friend, I can't say enough good things about you. Your a hell of a ambassador for this site. Giving it balance through your random posts, lending an ear, and just all the craziness you bring. It has been my pleasure getting to know you. A few things I admire about you, is your optimistic attitude you continually bring to the site, and of course your infinite wisdom big_smile

Congrats on your milestone, and may the next 20k be every bit as memorable.

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20,000 posts! Woot!

I joined this forum almost 6 years ago and like many of you I have learned so much in that time. In those six years I have watched thousands of movies horror and mainstream that in some form or another was recommended to me by folks here. Im very glad to have been apart of this forum and met all of you. Though I tend to keep most of my personal matters to myself, I think its awesome that anyone can come here and vent they're problems and be met with open arms, there are some great folks here on and I consider myself lucky to have been apart of it for so long. I've had periods where I have struggled financially and didn't have internet in the past or just taken a break from the site or horror in general and have always felt comfortable jumping right back in. I miss a lot of the old members who don't post here anymore but that don't mean that there aren't still some great members on this site still. I know for the most part I strictly stick to the horror movie discussion and probably don't post nearly as much as I read the threads, Im generally just reading and keeping an eye pealed for the latest and greatest horror flick or an old classic that I have some how missed...but I still think this place is pretty sweet!

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I didn't really learn much from this site, maybe of like...10 movies haha, but it's a pretty cool place and Azzy is pretty cool himself, congrats on 20k

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Az - you rock dude!  You are a huge reason this forum is the success it is.  You put so much work into the movie nights!  I am glad you have found support here cuz you deserve it.

I learned form HM how little I knew about horror.  I thought I knew a fair amount...then the people here (I frequently and affectionately refer to as freaks smile) taught me I hadn't scraped the tip of the iceberg.  Now...I never meet anyone outside of here that mentions a horror movie I haven't at least heard of and I'm a go to person when people have questions about I can carry on a convo with pretty much anyone about horror.  Again...that's outside of HM!  Here...I still know little.  I have seen so many horror movies I never would have seen without the people here...and some of them were really bad!  Though...many good too.

Thanks Az.  Thanks HM.

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Az does rock! 20000 posts and all done with his left hand (don’t ask what he was doing with the other, just respect the feat.

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How did I miss this yesterday?  I must have been surfing xenomorph porn, damn! tongue
Congrats Monkey Boy on 20K, that is pretty impressive, especially considering I remember a time when there was a push for the entire site to reach a total of 100K posts!  I admire you for all that you do to contribute to the site, it is appreciated.  I also appreciate the fact that you have always been able to inject humor, even when things got a little tense around here.  Here's to the next 20K!

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you are one of the greats Bryan! the place would not be the same without you. i know you don't get many breaks with the job situation, you have had problems with your health. I for one and i know many others that have nothing but respect for you, you are a good man, you have fun, you give as good as you get and you can take a joke. you have worked bloody hard on the movie nights and although i haven't been on all of them, the ones i have been on, i enjoyed immensely. it was great putting voices to names and speaking to people like Lon, Jamie, cap, shazza, mary, tyler, renee, sharna, ghost, bill,Pam, Don has been great! and you of course we've had some great laughs! remember the hysterical fun we had with the stupid book titles? smile. i am a bloody pain a lot of the time with the way i am and the reason i talk about it and let out my feelings is because that's what i was told to do if i feel like it, let it all out, don't keep it didn't do any good keeping it in and to be honest it don't do a lot letting it out ethier! that is also one of the reasons why i write a lot of my poetry, stories etc. i miss a lot of the old crowd as well but we still have many great people, i can't name them all but here's a few more, mistress, underdog, ace, kirsty, lilith all brilliant lovely people who i admire, respect  and there are many i haven't mentioned  please don't take offence, i appreciate you all. lastly Bryan you have always supported me and very often send me messages of support and concern, i appreciate it and i'm proud to call you a friend . here's to the next 20,000! wink

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Azzy - what a wonderful way to celebrate your 20,000th! That in itself is a massive achievement, and speaking personally, you embody the whole reason I love this site; you're kind, caring, massively knowledgeable about horror and more than willing to impart your wisdom onto us lesser beings.

You've always been a source of entertainment or education on here for me, and while I haven't been here as long as some have, I have really enjoyed and appreciated talking to you (and the others of course).

I loved Horrorfest, and I know you went to so much trouble to set that up. I stayed up pretty much the whole time, took a couple of nap breaks, but chatting and laughing with you through the films is a great memory I have of this site, and it would be fantastic to do more. I am totally up for all the things suggested above to get more action going on here, and any anniversary celebrations or films nights you need a hand with, I'm right here, ready and willing to help with anything you need!

This is a great community, and you are like the Grand Overseer of us tongue Sage advice, humour and more than our fair share of bananas; this is what you give us. In return, please accept my 600th post dedicated to you, and this humble gift, my puppy with one of two of your friends:

Thanks a lot Az, for making this place a great place to hang out. You and everyone here have taught me a lot, and I hope to keep making memories with you guys. Congratulations my friend, let's drink to the next 20k big_smile xxxxxxx

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Puppies and monkeys!!!  Yay!

And thanks to all of you for your kind words.  I know I whine about setting up Movie Nights and all that, but if I didn't love doing them, I wouldn't.  As Dave said, some of the funniest stuff has happened during them.  Remember the "aluminiumumum" bit from the 2nd(?) one?  And he has half of us using the term 'bollocks' on a daily basis now! 

I'm here to be me, to learn, to teach, to have fun.  I probably should tone down the monkey thing a notch; it seems to be off-putting to some.  Ah, you know me, we'll see.  big_smile

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Queenie, that is the cutest little puppy (next to my Bella of course!)  She looks so sweet big_smile

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Aww thanks DG! She's my little pride & joy, she's only 4 months old big_smile She is really sweet, her favourite thing is to get snuggled up next to me and go to sleep. She has already chewed through 2 laptop leads, a phone charger and the nintendo DS cable though lol but I haven't got  the heart to tell her off too much!

What breed is Bella?

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azathoth wrote:

  I probably should tone down the monkey thing a notch; it seems to be off-putting to some.  Ah, you know me, we'll see.  big_smile

Dont even think about it.

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I'm with swollen on this. You better not tone it down!

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what is the meaning of this?

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There is no spoon.

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there is only monkey.
IT all makes sense now.

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Which one are you Az?

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I'm the ƒΩ(nth) w-bit.

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