Topic: new dvds to my collection

i got some more dvds to add to my collection. tell me what ya think

N/a - not applicable or i have seen it

the eye 2 -N/a really didnt care for the american the eye so i dont know how to feel about this one

funny games - N/a loved the american remake though. awesome. very excited about this one

monster high N/a - looked like something from the 80s that i needed

blood monkey - n/a heard it was awful, but the cover caught my attention

pan's labyrinth - c ok ok i know that you may all love this film but i wasnt crazy about it, i thought the movie itself was a little too much fantasy for me. i like most of what del toro comes out with but this didnt do anything for me (but its a must add for any horror collection i wont argue that)

its alive remake - n/a didnt like the original but this one could be interesting

island of the dead - n/a never heard of it could be good though

demonic - n/a again trying to give some low budget horror a chance to wow me (love finding sleepers)

piranha2 - N/a  been searching for this film. good find today for me.had no clue james cameron directed it either..

do you wanna know a secret - N/a looked so bad i had to get it.. cross between i know what you did last summer and urban legend.. boo

hitcher original - N/a never seen the remake either. seems like another 80s slasher film but has a good reputation

hitcher 2 - n/a  needed to add the sequel to the list

dark house - C- it had so much potential too. i was disappointed

blood moon - N/a no idea i think its a were wolf film

teen wolf - N/a i couldnt believe i found this either. good find

teen wolf too - N/a not sure about this but had to get the sequel

martyrs - n/a you guys told me about this film i believe. no idea what its about

adams family - B+ great movie

adams family values - B- good sequel

brother hood of the wolf - n/a no idea what its about

zombii - n/a always head good things about zombii 2 so i grabbed this one

stepford wives remake and original - c- wasnt crazy about the remake and never saw the original

mortuary - c - it was okay. good for the money they spend. nothing to cheer about

dead snow - n//a looks awesome!  heard lots of good things about this film

let me in - n/a loved the original

zombie diaries - n/a looked cool

may - n/a you guys told me about this film, so i  picked it up

the last horror movie - n/a looked pretty cool, plus i think it won some underground horror awards.

high tension - watching it now and enjoying it, its pretty intense, its the feel that i wanted to have during last house on the left or i spit on y0ur grave, but with out the rape. so im liking it.

let me know what you think, any other sleeper films out there (meaning like films nobody kn0ws about that are good)

Re: new dvds to my collection

Hitcher, Martyrs, brotherhood of the wolf, may, and dead snow are my favs of what you listed smile