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What are your favorite songs from horror movies? And what I mean by that is stuff like pet sematary by ramones, and not the score like halloween.

Some of my favorites are:

Pet Sematary by Ramones from Pet Sematary
Killer Klowns by The Dickies from Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Whole World Is Celebratin' by Chris Farren from Night of the Comet
You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside by Autograph from Fright Night
Who Made Who by AC/DC from Maximum Overdrive
Lost in the Shadows by Lou Gramm from The Lost Boys
Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann from The Lost Boys
I Still Believe by Tim Cappello from The Lost Boys
And there are a lot more.

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Most of the 'Demons' soundtrack.

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I love the song at the end credits of TrollHunter - Kvelertack: Mjoed. Also though technically not a horror movie but a black comedy nonetheless the scene in Kick-ass where it plays Bad reputation during her killing spree is epic.

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I love the  soundtrack from Trailer Park of Terror.

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"Cry Little sister" from Lost Boys (already mentioned)

"Dream Warriors" from NOEM3 by Dokken

"Fright Night" - catchy at the time

"Love song for a vampire" from Bram Stoker's dracula by Anne Lennox

"Once" from Brotherhood of the wolf (is this movie considered horror ?)

"We're coming to kill you" - the most WTF song and scene from "Dead and Breakfast"