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I know there is a post floating around out there with this topic but I cant find it..

so, my laptop's  anti-virus protection is  about to expire and I was wondering what you all recommend in free Anti-virus programs?  I have tried AVG before but it seemed to block alot of safe things and I had trouble with my DSL connection..

any suggestions ? and why you like what you chose ? or why you didnt like what you chose ?

much appreciated.

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I use Ad-Aware and Spybot.

They both have free versions, they stay up to date, you can configure a bunch of different things on them (scheduled updates & scans, option for IE protection, live virus scanning) that can be turned on or off.  Between the 2 I haven't had any problems that I can remember recently.

Ad-Aware is fairly easy to use.  Spybot takes a bit longer, but that's the one that does the extra IE and live scanning.  Be prepared for them to take a fair bit of time on first time installation, updating, and scanning.  Like 2 hours between them.  But once you get the baseline set, set your options, it's mostly fire and forget.

edit- and best of all, they don't piss me off like Norton does.

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Been using avast for years without complaint.