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Dont know if anyone has posted a thread about Shorts before but i thought I put one out there where we can discuss the topic in any aspects u want, from anything to your favourites to potential great directors of full length films. Ill just put one out there I was very impressed with

- Deus Irae

Also checkout Michael Dougherty's (Director of Trick R Treat) animated short Seasons Greetings that I found on my TRT DVD, which influenced the Trick R Treat movie.

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Shorts I've enjoyed -

Zombie Movie -
Rare Exports (now a full length movie) -
Three...Extremes (collection of shorts from Asia) -
Little deaths (another collection of shorts by British Directors) -

Re: Horror Shorts

Just watched a very impressive short called Scarecrow At Midnight. Its particularly well written i think right down to its characterisation.