Topic: Movie game: Invisibles

Anyone ever play this game from  I used to reglulary but it's been a couple years.  Basically you need to guess what movie each image is from, but there's a catch -- the people in the scene have been rendered invisible.  And when I say invisible, I'm talking Hollow Man invisible, where all you can see of them are their clothes.

Anyhoo, here's an index of all their quizzes to date.  It's not a thrill a minute or anything but it is half-decent way to pass many...many hours.

Re: Movie game: Invisibles

Gave it a go, and failed my first round.  Just book marked it. Thanks, Lon

Re: Movie game: Invisibles

You betcha.  It's surprising how difficult some of them are.  A lot of times I sit staring at a pic  thinking, "Dammit, I know I know that one...." lol