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Hello boys and ghouls. In case you missed it, Jamie Lee Curtis has agreed to do her FIRST and LAST convention. All the details can be found here. … amp;t=9014

I was wondering if anyone was coming down from Ottawa Canada or the surrounding states., like NY,MI,NH,VT ETC) I have someone who is driving us down, and we were looking for another driver to share the drive and costs. (I don't drive) This is a once in a lifetime chance to meet the original scream queen. I for one I'm beyond excited.

The website for the event is going up sometime this week. I know so far the guest list is

Jamie Lee Curtis
Nick Castle (Michael Myers in Halloween)

They said this would be a smaller convention and that it will be centered around Jamie Lee's appearance. I believe about a dozen more guests are still to be announced.

Please if anyone is interested get back to me ASAP.

Jared D

Re: Horrorhound Weekend November

just outa curiosity did just join here cough to ask for a ride to see Jamie Lee?

Re: Horrorhound Weekend November

First off I have a ride. We are loping for a second driver to split the driving tome between two people.  I registered to have somewhere to talk to horror, as a lot of the other ones are gone.