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UltraViolence wrote:

From dusk til dawn epitomises cult classic. It is narratively speaking, a bad film but it's so bloody enjoyable. It's sequels are just as bad but again extremely fun.

I totally fail to see how the original Dusk till Dawn fits into the so bad its good category. It is just straight up good. How can u say a film with a sizzling Salma Hayek dance tease is considered bad.

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Ms.Gorefiend wrote:

I'm not sure why I didn't connect the Italian horror you referenced earlier with some gems that very much fit into this category for me. Hell of the Living Dead being one, Nightmare City being another. They are absolutely terrible, but I can't help but love them. I know there are more from this era, but my brain isn't working today.

Hell of the Living Dead is probably the worst of the Italian zombie movies, but for some reason I really enjoy it for all it's insanely bad dialogue, graphic cheapjack gore, and pitiful attempt at social commentary.  Plus, it's a great excuse to listen Goblin's awesome Zombi 2 score while watching a completely inferior attempt at being something like it.

Of course, Burial Ground is right there with it.  There is absolutely no plot and is just an excuse to fill the screen with nudity, tons of cheap (but awesome) gore, shoddy looking (but even more awesome) zombies, pedophilia with the glorius Peter Bark, and just all means of bad taste.

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DirtyGirl wrote:

That one looks interesting Azz...haha

Rawhead Rex is definitely so bad it's good, Rex has such a cheesy mask.  but the movie is done so straight.

Flight of the living Dead and any giant monster movie from The Asylum.

Rawhead Rex!  I have this on VHS & have always been a big fan of this silly ass monster movie.  Personally, I think Rex looks pretty cool in his 80s shock rock getup.  Kinda like a deformed Gene Simmons or Blackie Lawless.

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I just remembered that I watched the When a stranger calls (2006) when I was a kid. Quite good actually. I disliked Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes  but I must watch it. And also I hate Cannibal Holocaust.