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Re: Shovel Bunny Massacre, Happy easter now go die

"Shovel Bunny Massacre" is a short film in progress written and directed by D. Castle and C. Wilkinson. Filming is about 75% complete with some extra scenes and re-shots in mind to what you already see in place. We are filming with a T3i canon DSLR with a budget of . . .  no budget.

The audio/music is completely untouched as of now and will not be touched until filming is 100% complete. When complete i will have removed all "Nine Inch Nails" tracks and have them replaced with my own soundscape/music, over dubbed dialogue.

This is a two man project with little to no movie production, acting of audio/video experience as anyone can no doubt see. This is just for the love of the genre, fun and to entertain friends and family.

Questions and or comments much appreciated.

- D. Castle of Shovel Bunny Massacre.