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hey this is to you lonny.....

should this topic be deleted?

anyways why -the fuch-you- delete my other couple lately that w-er-e about I forget you know not to why do you? IM not making a stink just placing it in thats all so its in yur face buddy hehehe

cause your a mod thats my only lick you modulation psychedelicious

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Re: deleted topics


The ones I deleted last week were head scratchers.  For instance, you started one topic and in your post all you wrote was "nfrth aleadyddddy brorrmaandfa" or some crazy stuff like that which made no sense.  But if you go back you'll see I didn't delete any of your other posts; just the two topics with posts which read like you fell asleep on your keyboard. lol

Re: deleted topics

lol I was just messin with ya Lonny. I was looped last night (what else is new eh)
hey you're a mod so you got the power over little ole me but I wouldn't doubt it I was falling asleep at my keyboard tho. This morn I woke up in a very weird spot lol

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Oh, no...don't tell me you woke up with your junk in a toaster again... lol

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imagine my surprise trying to explain to the medic those burns on my tool lol