Re: The Serpent and the Rainbow - any fans of the movie?

I love Shocker big time lol.  I cant even watch episodes of X-Files the same anymore where Pilleggi was so mean and vicious in Shocker. Holy cow.  Also Mitche Pileggie was in that 1980s Three O Clock Hight movie and he had the Patrick Steward bald syndrome.

In Shocker, was Horace Pinker telling the truth about Johnathon where they were father and son or was Pinker just screwing with everyone before getting executed?

Re: The Serpent and the Rainbow - any fans of the movie?

The Creature wrote:

Good horror movie. I like how it's an 80's movie bringing back the voodoo zombie theme. You never see that anymore, such a nice break from the gore-athon of the other 80's zombie flicks (which are amazing though, don't get me wrong)! It's a bit different, which I like.

I'm a fan of this film and think it contains a nice balance of realism and sensationalism to make it a great entertainment.  I was frightened by it as a kid, because anytime a film was purported to be based on true events, I completely bought in to it, hook, line, & sinker.  Total believer. 

I actually got the poster for it from my local video store (don't you miss doing that?) and hung it on my wall.  The image of a pale faced Pullman, screaming from behind the coffin with that cross on his forehead, along with that great tag line, "Don't bury me, I'm not dead!", was pretty scary stuff.

BTW, I'm a fan of both People Under the Stairs & Shocker.  I think both are pretty bat-shit crazy 90s horror offerings and agree that Craven was trying his best to keep it real.  You took what you could get in the way of theatrical horror releases in the 90s.

Re: The Serpent and the Rainbow - any fans of the movie?

Vamp_Slayer wrote:

I like the Grudge remake, but I am super biased because SMG is my favourite. Lol.
As for Serpent, it actually the reason I bought the Wes Craven 3 movie pack, though I did want to see the other 2 (shocker and people under the stairs, which I had seen only bits of before). Gotta watch it, for some reason I watch People under the stairs first (I really liked it! Totally entertaining, I  like movies with crazy and possessive parents, you love to hate them).

Sub-Machine Gun? WTF!

Re: The Serpent and the Rainbow - any fans of the movie?

^^^ Sarah Michelle Gellar. wink