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Hello Everyone,

I've recently just been attached to a new film called

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Wonderful, I'm very excited and wish to subscribe to your newsletter, once you complete it.

In something more complete, Ace's film campaign is still going on for a few more days.

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Okay, everyone I'm sorry for the weird sentence. There was alot more to this post then what showed up but anyway I guess I'll start again.

I've recently been attached to a new film called "Man in a Box" as the director of photography. We are looking for any kind of help, including a report of the film on this site. We are shooting in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania and there's already some buzz going around in the local newspaper as well as facebook. Our facebook page has been up for one week and already generated over 2,000 likes and we haven't filmed anything yet. We begin filming this weekend and it'll take us into next month.

We have some fantastic actors and a very enthusiastic crew ready to roll the cameras. So if anyone can point me in the right direction of who I need to get in contact with because we're trying to get this to blow up big! If you follow the facebook page, we will be posting weekly updates once shooting begins and you can also meet the cast and crew on the site as well.

Man in a Box is about a complex character named Lloyd Thomas. Recently released from a mental hospital, he seeks forgiveness and redemption as he struggles to reconnect with family and fit back into society. A devout Catholic he faces the challenge of a world that he sees as lost and needs GOD more than ever. Using the bible for direction and understanding. He walks a fine line with his interpretation of the bible. Likening himself to the Arch Angel Michael, as his mental state deteriorates. Lloyd begins to question his own motives as he becomes aware he's capable of doing evil in the name of the Lord and comes face to face with his faith and principals.

Thank you all so much and I hope to hear from you soon.