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At last! here is the next segment of my series here featuring films from the 1960's. Remember my aim is not to go for the obvious ( although some are included) and these films aren't necessicerily great ones but what i consider entertaining at least and i try to go for films you may not have seen ornever even heard of. anyway here we go in reverse order:-

5. The Frozen Dead (1967)Nazi soldiers frozen towards the end of world war 2 when it was obvious Germany was heading for defeat but they had a defect, they had damaged brains. a mad nazi scientist now living in England, seeks an answer to make his dream perfect. 
A rarely seen, barmy British horror film that plays like a bigger budgeted version of the 1962 " Brain That Wouldn't Die". Film actually gets better as it goes along and is watchable despite it's low budget. Dana Andrews wouldn't have been my choice to play the lead, the mad nazi Scientist and he does go a little over the top. silly but fun.

4.Tormented (1960) from famed " B movie" director Bert I Gordon ( who is still alive and is in fact a facebook friend of mine and a nice man who appreciates his fans)and more famous for his b movies of the 1950's featuring Giants, colossal men, and over sized insects. Here he takes a break from all that and gives you a nice little ghost story about  a man who doesn't really lend a hand when a former lover of his falls to her death, when she disaproves of his plans to marry another. he goes and gets married and the ghost of the woman starts to haunt him and his new wife.nothing new here but compentley done on a small budget. has it's spooky moments. has a short running time of about 72 mins and stars Richard Carlson.

3) Curse Of The Werewolf (1961) Hammer Studios only werewolf film and in my opinion a damn good one.Oliver Reed in his first major role is excellent as the poor cursed man in 16th century Spain whose mother was raped by a bestial begger and he was the result and born on Christmas Day to boot. Reed has the right air of tragedy, sympathy, violence and menace to make it work aided by a first class werewolf make up, still one of the best in my opinion. The film has a foreboding air of doom throughout and doesn't let that drop at the climax. watch the uncut version if you can for some brief but gory moments for their time.

2)Comedy Of Terrors (1963) This is very much like a Roger Corman production of the time but isn't and what a cast! Vincent Price, Basil Rathbone, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff all hamming it up and enjoying themselves immensely and why not? it is what it says in the title a horror comedy. Vincent Price is an undertaker who when business comes to a halt starts making his own customers by murdering them and is somewhat hampered by his winsome wife, her lover and a victim that just won't die. Price is at his most lip smacking evil villain best and is like Wile E Coyote as all around him his scheme falls apart, Karloff is scatty as a confused old man who at the end is the only one left standing. nice, pleasant film with some barbed wit from the tongue of ol Vinnie. when addressing his wife " How can i miss that vast chasm of a mouth"? good fun.

1) The Skull ( 1965) from Hammer studios big Rival Amicus, this little gem is quite spooky and when i first saw it after i'd read Robert Bloch's short story, i thought  it  causes a chill or two especially when you consider it's about a skull killing people by tearing their throats out. ( not seen of course).It's about the skull of the famous " Marquis De Sade" and how owners of it meet a gruesome death. It is sought after by collectors and collector Peter Cushing is obsessed with owning it and will do anything to own it, lie deceit, murder and when he finally does achieve his goal wishes he hadn't. some good spooky moments, some point of view moments from the skull and a strange dream sequence are the highlights. Christopher Lee and Patrick Wymark also appear but it's Peter's film. a nice little film.

that's it. what do you think of my choices? what would you put in there ? am i talking out of my hairy arse? go on tell me wink look out for the final piece covering the 1970's.

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cool list. a few here I want to check out now.

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Yaaay, another awesome movie list from the wolfman! smile

I haven't seen any of those films, but Comedy of Terrors is on Netflix. I might have to give that one a look, as well as some of the titles from your previous top 5 lists which I found on YouTube.

Speaking of which, check out this guy's channel and all of his movie playlists, you'll find TONS of older movies, horror or non-horror, and a few that Wolfie has mentioned too:

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Another good list wolfie. Most i havent seen and as always probably wouldnt have heard of, if not for a while unless u highlighted them here.

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ill check these 60's flicks out once ive watched Vincent Price's The Raven. Anything with Price is sure to be entertaining.