Topic: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 7TH MONTH FINALS

For those not in the know, each monthly finals of DHMW features the  previous four weeks' contestants in a four-man (or woman, or both) free-for-all.  This month our opponents are:

A mad slasher.  An undead juggernaut.  A re-animated mad scientist.  A cannibal sophisticate.  Who will earn his spot to compete in the 2nd Half-Season Finals?  Vote now and find out!

Also be sure to vote in this month's Exhibition Match.

Before voting, please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 7TH MONTH FINALS

The Ripper relies on the darkness of the night for cover, then patiently awaits for his female victims to come to him. Tonight he has no darkness to hide him or any place to hide. BD, picks up Jack's sweet, succulent, fleshy scent, and likes what he smells.  Jack puts up a struggle, but stabbing a living corpse is not gonna do the trick. Finding Jack was easy. Tearing him limb from limb was easier. The hard part was deciding whether to munch the brains, or the heart first? * BD, eventually decided on the brains.

DR Hill and Hannibal are astounded by the sheer brutality and ferocity of BD. Without a word spoken to one another, they decide to team up. BD, now feasting on the innards of Jack, is distracted for the moment. Hannibal & Hill approach BD.  BD looks up at the two.  Stands up. Takes a whiff of them both. Smelling the living flesh of Hannibal, but not DR Hill,  BD grabs Lecter by the throat. Snaps his neck. Takes a huge bite outta his scalp. Sits back down to enjoy his next meal.

DR Hill pulls out his surgical knife and takes a swipe at the throat of BD. In mid swing, BD grabs the right arm of Hill and rips it off completely. The good doctor grabs another knife with his left arm and feebly attempts another swipe at the throat of BD. The knife comes up short of it's mark. BD, being a zombie, is still hungry for more brains.  Although Hill's flesh is not living flesh. Brain tissue, living or not, are still tasty, and a zombies best friend. BD stands back up. Hill makes a last ditch effort to take down BD by injecting him in the neck with his animating fluid. Little did Hill know,  that's like giving a shot of adrenaline to a sprint runner.  BD grabs Hill and rips off his head. The animated head of Hill can only verbally curse BD, before becoming the third course meal.

Winner: BD.

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 7TH MONTH FINALS

Let's go, folks, get those votes in!  After this finals, there are only four more bouts to go before we reach the semi-finals, and then the end-of-season final. 

I'd like to also remind voters to be sure to post along with your vote, explaining why you think your particular fighter would win.  Not doing so can, has and will dramatically affect each character's points.  For instance:

Right now Lecter has 2 votes, but no explanatory posts.  These are called "non-justified" votes, meaning the voters didn't bother to justify why they chose that fighter.  Non-justified votes only count as one point each.  So right now, Lecter has two total points.

Meanwhile, Big Daddy has one justified vote, meaning the one person who voted for him also took the time to justify why he chose that fighter.  Justified votes are worth five points each.  So Big Daddy has five total points.  He's beating Lecter, despite having only half Lecter's votes.

Ya gotta remember to justify them votes, y'all!

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 7TH MONTH FINALS

Bump.  One more day...

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 7TH MONTH FINALS

I don't think Big Daddy has a chance without his horde.

Dr. Hill is a head...

I think It comes down
to Jack and Hannibal and I think Lector will outsmart and out crazy him. It may be a tough battle but Jacks bloodlust will be his downfall against the more cunning and devilish patience of Lector.

Lector wins...easy peezy

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 7TH MONTH FINALS

Yeesh.  Only three votes in a Finals match?  Tsk tsk tsk, folks.  At any rate...

Only two opponents received votes:

Big Daddy:
1 Justified vote = 5pts total

Hannibal Lecter
1 Justified Vote = 5 pts
1 Non-Justified Vote = 1pt
Total pts: 6


With this 7th month final over, we're down to our last four weeks of regular matches, leading to the semi-finals and ultimate season final.  Thanks to those of you who participated, and keep an eye out for Round 29, which will be up shortly.