Topic: RIP Ron Palillo.

Ron Palillo,probably best known for his Welcome back Kotter character Arnold Horshack is dead at the age of 63 from apparent heart attack.
Truly sad,I always loved Welcome Back Kotter.

Re: RIP Ron Palillo.

Was sad to hear about this, was a big fan of the show and loved him in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)

Re: RIP Ron Palillo.

Wow, I would never have put him at 63.  I'd have thought mid-50s, tops.

I've only ever seen a few things he'd been in -- Welcome Back, Carter; Surf II; Friday the 13th Part 6; Hellgate.  Yet while he might not have had as extensive a list of credits as some, he at the very least left an impression.