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Is this a Phantasm type movie or is it a new concept? Is there a trailer? I am looking, just a bit slow today.

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It's a take off of an urban legend type thing called "Slender Man."

Here is a trailer for the film.

Some other info about the Slender Man-

some info

some silly stuff

some other stuff

A YouTube on "slender man"

And a story about a game based on Slender Man.  Supposedly rather scary, but I haven't played it.

And a place to download the game.  It's free, I believe.

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omg Az, your Awesome!! Thanks:)

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One of the screenwriting sites I frequent had an amateur-written script called The Slender Man.  His logline interested me so I read it, then went to the forums to discuss it.  Only then did I realize, thanks to other members who had already responded, that The Slender Man was a deliberately created urban legend. 

Personally I think it's horseshit.  It's one thing to dream up some fictional boogey man if, say, it's for a movie, like they did with The Blair Witch Project.  But for some doofuses to have so much time on their hands that they felt compelled out of sheer boredom to dream up some fictional boogey man just to fuck with a few people online?  Get a life, already.

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I saw this today (the review will be on this weekends Devour the Podcast) and without spoiling the film this is what I can say about it:

It's not really horror (I know, everyone is expecting horror because it's from the man who brought us Martyrs), more of a dark drama/thriller


The ending brought me to tears and left me in stunned silence. It was a similar silence to my first viewing of Martyrs, but different.

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Watched this last night and DavidDellamorte is right, it's not horror. It was a pretty good movie though. There were points were I was completely confused, trying to wrap my head around the events taking place which is always a big plus. If a movie can keep me guessing like that, I have to give it high marks. The ending was powerful and thought provoking.

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On it, yo. smile

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I see it this evening, I like very much Pascal Laugier, he makes a very intelligent horror movie, Martyrs is really heartrending.

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Thriller... Gah I hate to say that word so bad. They say BR is action-thriller. Tell ya guys I hate ******* hate that word.