Topic: Greystone Park Movie

Hey all come check out this new movie and Like the page.

Greystone Park, the haunting tale of an abandoned asylum, will be available on DVD & Blu-ray October 16th.

Re: Greystone Park Movie

How very nice to meet you!

Is what I would have said if you'd bothered to introduce yourself.  But no, you pimped a link and blindly asked a forum full of people you don't know to do you a favor.  Here on the inter-web, we call that kind of thing "spam."  And while spam fried in a skillet is a tasty delight, spam on our message boards isn't welcome. 

I'll leave the link for anyone who might be interested but consider it closed to discussion. 

D. Castle, consider this a warning.  We want productive forum members, not hit-and-runners.  smile