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With this week's round we begin what is the final month of Deadliest Horror Movie warrior, so I thought we'd start it nice and raw with a pair of genuine, crazy-in-the-head killers who, while fictional, could really exist out there in this dangerous, deadly world of ours.  So lock your doors and hide under your blankets as...

A sleazy, murderous redneck crosses bloody paths with a wannabe-transsexual with a flair for needlework.  Cast your votes now!  But first, as per usual...

Before voting, please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

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I don't see nothin' wrong with a little *BUMP* and grind.

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At this point I'll assume folks aren't voting because they've never seen Kalifornia and have never heard of Early Grayce. lol

Anyway, BUMP.

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I pick Buffalo Bill for one reason: He's a psychopathic killer. He think like... a PSYCHO!
And he is funny too!

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I have have only caught part of Kalifornia, never seen the whole thing through. Juliet Lewis is in that one to right? I remember pretty well the parts that i've seen.

I think in a fight, Bill wouldn't fair very well. He relies more on the element of suprise to trap his victims and then tortures them but always keeps his distance. Going toe to toe with Early will likely be unwise of him but that's what we get since this is a showdown, Bill is probably the crazier of the two but wont win in a fight here, Early's crazy and he's got that redneck in 'im.

Winner: Early Grayce

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The two combatants step in the ring.........

Buffalo already looks intimidates by the more muscular Early and keeps his distance. Early, with a Hamm's beer in glove, taunts Buffalo. Buffalo's mind begins racing, figuring out a strategy that will give him a upper hand?? Buffalo hates pain, when he's the recipient.  Early closes in on Buffalo, cornering him, then lashes out with rabbit punches to the ribs and face of Buffalo. Buffalo hits the mat with a thud. Early then kicks Buffalo several times in already throbbing the ribs. Buffalo curls up into a fetal position, covering his bruised body as much as possible. Early kicks Buffalo in the noggin, not once but twice. All Buffalo can do is moan and groan. Buffalo admits defeat to Early. Early does a little jig in the ring, then returns back to the fallen Buffalo, to give him a hand up from the mat. As Early is being helped up, he asks early for a hug? Early is glad to oblige. Early gives a big ol bear hug to Buffalo. At that time Buffalo injects Early with a hypodermic needle he had hidden in his shorts, filled with a serum causing immediate paralysis. Early flops to the floor. Buffalo then pulls out another hypodermic needle from his shorts. He injects the toxin into into the neck of Early. early can only watch. In seconds the toxin courses through the veins of early. Early's body convulses, and begins frothing at the mouth. One minute later, Early lies lifeless.

Winner: Buffalo.

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Voting's over.  The results:

Early Grayce:
2 Votes
1 Justified x 5pts each = 5 pts
1 non-justified x 1 pt each = 1 pt
Total pts: 6

Buffalo Bill
2 Justified votes x 5 pts each = 10 pts
Total pts: 10


Once again, a voter failing to provide a justifying post cost a fighter a match.  This would have been a tie and I would have had to cast the deciding vote myself, and I would have voted Early Grayce.   You've got to post with your vote if you want the fighter to get the most amount of points.  Anywya...

Thanks to the very few of you who participated (this thing's really starting to become a chore at this point due to lack of participation, but I started it so I'm going to finish it).  Look for round 30, which will be up shortly.