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Maniac Cop, Dawn of the Dead, House of the Devil, and Dale and Tucker vs Evil.

Haven't seen any of these except for Maniac Cop a long time ago.  I own It's Alive(cohen) and just watched The Stuff the other night and loved it.  I don't love It's Alive but have only seen it once and I'm sure it will grow on me if I watch it again.  Love Night of the Living Dead and Day of the Dead especially, and am pretty excited to watch Dawn here today.  I also am pretty excited for Dale and Tucker since it's new and pretty much praised.  I just hope it has some good horror elements.  A few night time scenes and I'll probably be satisfied because I'm sure I'll enjoy the humor.

Also bought Halloween 3 for 5 dollars.  I own 1 and 2, and of course 3 is Season of the Witch.  Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace(It) and scored/produced by Carpenter, I can't wait to throw this on come Halloween time.

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I'll sum my thoughts about the ones you rented/bought quickly:

House of the Devil: It's so damn good, I love it. The way it was shot and makes you believe it's an 80's flick is amazing. You'll love it.

Dawn of the Dead: Do I really need to say much about this? It's one of the best.

Maniac Cop: I loved Maniac Cop, it's just something about it's plot and the way stuff happens. Plus, Bruce Campbell. That's a reason alone to watch. But yeah, awesome movie.

Dale and Tucker vs. Evil: Never seen it actually, but friends of mine said it was real funny and worth a watch. I might pick it up sometime.

Halloween 3: I never liked Halloween 3, it's one of the only Halloween's (not counting the remakes) I actually disliked but others on here seemed to like it. I don't know, I just didn't like it.

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I am getting excited for House of the Devil. 

I am a huge Carpenter fan and having his score throughout all of Halloween 3 helps it a lot for me.  I think the detective from Maniac Cop is actually in Halloween 3 as well.  It also looks great, and has a nice little story going on though I haven't seen it in forever.  It also has some pretty good acting especially compared to the rest of the series.

Have you seen The Stuff?

Absolutely loved that movie and if I like Maniac Cop as much as I loved The Stuff, I am offically a Larry Cohen fan.

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PrinceofDarkness wrote:

I think the detective from Maniac Cop is actually in Halloween 3 as well.

Yep.  His name's Tom Atkins and he's a welcome addition to any genre flick he shows up in -- such as The Fog, My Bloody Valentine '09, Night of the Creeps, Creepshow...

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"I'm Tom Atkins.  Prepare to get your mind blown."  (Paraphrasing)

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Haha I should have been able to recall his name.  He is definitely pretty great.

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When we did Night of the Creeps for a previous Movie Night, it was an Atkins love fest; Lon was quoting stuff like no one's business.  I kept yelling "Banshee" all night.  We're not well adjusted individuals. big_smile

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House of the Devil - Loved it. I loved the feel, the slow burn and the wicked pay off. Pretty cool movie. And so 80s I double checked the release date incase LoveFilm had it wrong.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil. - I bloody LOVED this. Easily my favourite from the last few years. Started out so unheard of but it appeared free on my movie subscription with my TV package. Watched it when I seen it had Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine in. 2 very funny comedy actors. I didn't know anything about it and I'm extremely glad of this. If you know too much it spoils it. Since watching this I have shown it to one friend after another. They all have it in their dvd collection now big_smile

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Dale and Tucker vs Evil is really good, but don't see the trailer before the movie, it give away all the funny death scene in the movie,

House of the Devil - it was okay movie, didn't think to much of it!

Dawn of the Dead-  Both old and Remake are great movies

Halloween 3 - as really grown on me in the  last few years, i really enjoyed, i will be seeing again on Halloween

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Watched House of the Devil.  Thought it was cool but I don't get the 80s comparisons.  I mean I understand the movie took place in the 80s but other than that, it felt NOTHING like an American 80s movie.  There was barely any humor and the tone was just waaaaay different than anything I've seen from 80s American movies.  If anything it looked and felt like a 70s Horror movie since it was so serious.  The only thing 80s about it was some of her music, the one pizza parlor scene where the dialogue was just brutal, and of course her damn head set.

Actually the little dance scene she had was one of the few moments I felt like I was watching an 80s homage.