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From The Chicago Tribune: … 6243.story

He suffered a myocardial infarction July 13 
and never fully recovered.  Publicist Joy Fehily 
released a statement from (Omarosa) Manigault, 
who was engaged to Duncan, saying the 
54-year-old actor died Monday morning in a 
Los Angeles hospital after nearly two months 
of treatment.

I really liked this guy.  Never heard a bad thing about him.  RIP, big guy.


Re: RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

I loved him in everything I saw he was in, he was a great actor and seemed to be a really a nice guy a true lose, RIP

Re: RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

Damn a lot of them are dying these last few years it's totally crazy.
Another sad lost for the world of cinema. R.I.P. man.
Someone said that a person dying isn't a mortal ending but rather an immortal beginning...

Re: RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

I only knew him a little bit.

Re: RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

I loved the role he played in Sin City.
And I don't know why but I picture him as a big bad wolf in Underworld but he's not listed in the cast so I don't know really who that was. It's a shame for an Underworld fan like me to not know that. Pffff.
*Goes to hide in a corner.

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