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Holy shit. That poor little girl. Talk about scarred for life.

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I have heard about this on the radio all day. I mean jesus christ. I feel so sad for that poor girl. Lets hope they catch the bstrds who did this. Incidentally the ending of Dark Water (2002) is of a similar situation just in a more paranormal sense. And i was nearly moved to tears by that (if u have seen the movie u will know what i mean). But for something so similar but obviously a lot more realistic to happen is just heartbreaking. I hate seeing little kids suffer. Nearly moves me to tears.

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Yeah saw that on TV.
Poor sweet little girl, frightened for life indeed.
Brought tears to my eyes.

Kids are the best thing we have in this world and I could never, NEVER, you hear me, accept that any violence, even small is done to them.
Love kids and if it was possible to make them all alone, I'd have 3 or 4 of them with me. They RULE!!!
They're the freaking wisest persons with aged persons we have on this planet.

It saddens me to see stuff like this. Cried out loud this morning.
I just hope that they will take good care of her from now on, to make what happened easier for her or at lest help her try to forget and go through this.

Violence done to kids [and that's exactly what this is psychological hurts even more] in real life equals F**K NOOOOO for me and should be the same for everybody on this damn planet!!! sad

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That is really messed up, I do not remember the last time I heard something messed up.

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Yeah, it's really the saddest thing I've heard in the last few years.