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Have you ever encountered a nightmare that terrified you when you were young? I did. Twice. And I'd like to share them for you. And I'd also like to hear yours too if you have some.

Nightmare 1 Encountered when I was like 5-6: I dreamed that I was riding a tricycle in front of the corner to enter my uncle (daddy's older brother)'s apartment, where it is loaded with him, his wife, their 21 year old daughter and 18 year old son. I suddenly encounter a cat-like animal, which looks like a lynx. I then saw it looking at me, in the fashion like I was it's enemy. Then I had a vision of myself having the face and leaned back at the tricycle's seat like Danny Torrance. Than the lynx-like creature fling itself at me letting me wake up and scream sitting in my bed, awakening my parents.

Nightmare 2 I do not remember when I encountered it: I was on a vast cornfield. In a blue sweat-shirt and in black trousers. I touched my hair only to discover that it was long (kinda like Liu-Kang) and that I was an adult. Which gave me the feeling that is not me. Then I see myself standing right there from an horizontal angle that was like 4ft. Then the

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"me" turn around (which make me think that HE is a character I'm controlling, that I'm in a game) to se a huge brown figure from afar running at me. When it was like 400 metres fm me what I saw was... a T-Rex/ Allosaurus/ Albertosaurus like monstrosity. So I ran. I keep running from the "dinosaur w/out looking back. I didn't pay attention to it's claws or head so I dunno what "that" is. I just keep running and run and run and run... Only to wake up. My older sister sleeping beside me calmly. And when I look at myself I was covered in sweat. Thank God I woke up w/out screaming, or big sis gonna kill me because for the disturbance of her sleep.

So... did you have a/some tragic experience/s like what I had?

Please post it underneath this post of mine.

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Have had plenty of nightmares in my time, but the earliest horror movie one that I can remember involved Michael Myers chasing me from house to house like in the movie. Terrifying at the time, I guess I shouldn't have watched Halloween when I was around 5 years old.

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I used to get nightmares from playing Alien Resurrection on the PS1. I was about 12/13 at the time and into not horror so the opening video to that game or hearing all the screams within the games sound design freaked me the hell out every time i played the game. If i did so and then went to bed i would literally stay motionless in my bed afraid that the xenomorphs would slink out of some dark corner in my room and get me. Seems very silly now. I can watch any horror film and sleep pretty soundly, at least 90% of the time, unless i have watched something like Grave encounters.

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Mine was always so odd and it wouldn't even seem scary to a lot of people. I didn't have nightmares of demons and monsters but of endlessly falling through black and white. Sometimes I was on a rollercoaster but it was just me flying through black and white. Nothing else, no people or objects. It wasn't even the falling that frightened me but the nothingness around me. I couldn't make sense of it now but I think I worked it out as being a fear of what happens when we die. It started around that age where children become aware of life and death. Very occasionally I get the dream now I'm an adult but it's usually only when something major has changed.

I remember one when I was probably not much older than 4 years old when my mum told me she was alergic to wasps I had a nightmare that a giant wasp was chasing us. It was probably the first time I experienced fear as a child that I can remember and I didn't sleep to well for a while after that. Again probably related to a fear of something happening to my mum.

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i woke up with an elephant in my pyjamas once. don't know how it got there. i shot it. lol

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I remember that I also had bad experience with ghosts since I watch Ju-On it gets even worse. I always had the feeling that there was Kayako right on the side of my bed. So I covered both sides with pillows. But since there isn't enough place they keep falling.

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I had 2 dreams that I can never forget

1) That mum telling me off, cause I was not eating my food, as she telling monsters are going come and get me, there remember the dark ally, i saw feet coming towards my house.

Then as I was putting the dishes in the sink, I saw these two women and they had blood red all over and stick coming out there faces and there evil smile from one side of the head to the other side and showing me there sharp teeth!

I woke up screaming!

There was one more, i can not remember to much of it, I know that there was witch who ate a the shop keeper.

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Back when I was 8 or so, I had a recurring nightmare of me in my grandparent's house, and Dracula was always stalking around.

Then in my teens I had some haunted house nightmares.

Now, my worst nightmares are the "school dreams", which makes no sense since I have no more school to go to.  lol

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You stil have to go to that Swiss Boarding School i saw u in Phenomena dont u. I swear i saw u there last night.

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Shush, it's a secret! lol

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WHAT! AZZIE AND Pvt. Vasquez U GUYS WERE THERE!!? I want Jennifer!!!! Y do old people get so lucky!

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When I was younger, around eleven or so, I had this reoccurring, dream within a dream, type of nightmare that involved a scarred man who broke into our house. In the first dream, I'd hear this scratching at my window. When I finally got up the courage to take a look to see what it was, I was confronted with this scary, scarred face. I'd scream and wake up (but not actually, I was still dreaming) and my dad would come running in to make sure if I was okay. He'd tell me not to worry, to go back to sleep blah, blah, blah. So I'd toss and turn for a while. Not being able to sleep, I'd get out of bed and go to the kitchen for a drink. The way the house was situated, My parents room was directly across from the kitchen entrance. I'd flip on the light, check to make sure it hadn't woken my mom and dad and see the scarred guy hiding under my parents' bed! Of course then I would wake up for real.

I had this dream several times for about two years.

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I may have posted it in the dream thread but I can't remember now. When I was younger I used to have dreams about a creature living in my basment. It would come after me if I made a loud noise and sometimes I would be so scared that it would come after me that I would just call out to it (stupid dream logic) and just keep yelling until I heard it coming up the stairs and then I would scream haha. They were not always the same dreams, but it was always after me. That creatue has been in my dreams ever since I was young (like 5 or 6) and once in a while I still have nightmares about it now, but no where near as often anymore. My dream would indicate to me somehow that it was called "The Lizard" but I never got a good look at it that I can remember and when I would it took different forms from one dream to the next, I guess it was more of a shapshifter than a lizard, but for some reason I have always called it the lizard. Lot's of the time it would end up eating me, sometimes I would wake up before it did. And every single time it would come after me it was accomanied by this out of tune piano music like some one was smashing the keys of a piano up and down and up and down.
After I moved houses when I was 9 the dreams stopped for a bit (as it lived in the basement of my old house) then after a year or so I started having the dreams again sometimes in the old house and sometimes in the new house. Then since I was about 15/16 the dreams are far less frequent, maybe once every couple of months. but even now at almost 22 I still have them once in a while.
Those aren't the only nightmares I have, but they are the ones that have been apparent through out my life.

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Ms.Gorefiend wrote:

dream within a dream

Inception... Y U NO SUSPENSE!?

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I had a nightmare I was pinned to a locker by one of these high-school football jocks and he processed to suck me off.

...And I actually liked it.

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I remember once, when I was like around 10 years old I had a horrific dream.

Before I continue on: you have to understand that I have a fear of clowns, and hate hospitals.

I was like, walking through a hospital that was just very dark and I was in this hallway. It was very tight though, and there was no walls on either side of me, there was just them drapes they pull around beds in hospitals you know? And it was so dark, but I could still see. There was nothing but this hallway way with endless drapes closing me. But like there was light coming from one of the drapes and there was no shadow of anyone behind it or anything but I (I obviously wasn't controlling myself, my body was just walking very slowly) kept walking and then I came to the drapes with the light behind it, and a damn clown rips the drapes away and is just...stand there. I can't even describe him, he just looked so frightening.

I can even relive the nightmare now, it just ends with him looking at me with that tilted head. Ugh, I get shivers even now.

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I had a monster dream that still sticks with me, probably because it took a few years to convince myself that it was a dream. 

I remember waking up to a noise right outside the window next to my bed.  The moon was out and casting good light, and I looked out and saw a creature looking in.  He was light grey, kind of hairy, and almost lupine.  Longish pointed ears, with a bit of a snout.  We locked eyes and he grinned at me, raised a clawed hand slowly, and kind of waved as though to say hello.  I covered my  head (naturally), and when I looked again he was gone.

To this day (some 35 years later), I still glance up at the window on my front door expecting to see him there, peering in.  I keep meaning to get some clay and sculpt him, but haven't done so yet.

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